Signs of the End: Italian Military may be deployed to protect Tax Collectors

by John Galt
May 13, 2012 14:40 ET


As nations and empires decline into economic chaos, one of the major signs of civilian defiance is a refusal to participate in the “normal” or above ground economy and to engage in open acts of defiance towards the tax authorities. The nation of Italy has made finding alternatives to paying some of the most oppressive taxation policies an art form. The defiance however, has been moderated by the European Central Bank’s insistence on usurping the democratic will of the citizenry and the insistence that the nation install a technocrat friendly to the global central banking cartel into power to rule over the land.


The people of Italy have witnessed an evolution in power where the Guardia di Finanza have been used to set up road blocks to check out wealthy individuals driving luxury cars to verify they are current with all their taxes to no-knock raids on homes and businesses throughout the country in an attempt to collect revenue to satisfy their masters in Berlin and Brussels. This has created a certain degree of hostility between the wealthy and the average Italian citizen towards the government and especially the Ministry of Finance and their economic hit squad.


In tonight’s U.K. Telegraph, the severe level of hate being demonstrated towards this Ministry of Finance was highlighted with this news story:


Soldiers may be deployed to protect Italian tax offices

(Click on the link above to read the story in full)


In this excerpt from the story by Nick Pisa the degree of disgust and hatred towards the government is highlighted by recent events:


Annamaria Cancellieri, the interior minister, said she was considering calling in the army in a bid to quell the rising social tensions.


“There have been several attacks on the offices of Equitalia in recent weeks. I want to remind people that attacking Equitalia is the equivalent of attacking the State,” she said in an interview with La Repubblica newspaper.


“Bringing in the army to defend sensitive targets is a possibility that we are studying. This has already been done in the past. We have a limited number of personnel available and so that is why using the army is a possible solution.


“We are going through a very difficult moment and some people may feel tempted (to cause disturbances). We all need to have a sense of duty and ensure that this temptation does not spread.”

Saturday night’s attack took place on the Equitalia office in Livorno and the front of the building was left severely damaged by fire after the bombs exploded. The phrases “Thieves” and “Death to Equitalia” were sprayed onto outside walls.


As this crisis is nothing new to the elder witnesses of Italy’s turbulent communist influenced terror waves of the past, this is something new for those who envisioned a world of happily obedient slaves to faceless bureaucrats and technocrats serving as the whim of financial interests in other nation’s capitols. The issue that Italy is now having to deal with has been ongoing in Greece where the tax collection mechanism is completely paralyzed with state employees not willing to risk their lives to satisfy another country’s demands on the Greek people. Italy will soon reach that crossroads as capital flight is fully engaged and the wealthy are paying whatever exit taxes are required to flee a deteriorating nation which will probably soon implode into a fiery mess of radical parties competing for power, much like their Hellenic friends across the Adriatic.


Of course Americans who are not paying attention may wish to witness the carnage in the Eurozone because eventually, if our system is not repaired with drastic action, this will occur here sooner than many would dare imagine.


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