While Europe Burns and America Slumbers, Israel prepares for War

by John Galt
May 18, 2012 19:05 ET


Last night on my live podcast I covered this story then after a customary four hours of sleep the realization hit me today of the implications of this story form the Jerusalem Post:


IDF building backup facilities for key sites


The Eurozone is in the midst of a total economic collapse, the United States mired in the summer doldrums of a political campaign between Tweedle-D and Tweedle-bo-R-edom, and in the mean time, Iran and Israel both appear to be accelerating preparations for a war which now appears set to begin in the autumn. The ignorance of the actions being taken by Israel in this article should alarm most people who have even a vague awareness of the crisis.


From the article by Yakoov Katz:


Wary of missiles attacking sensitive military installations in a future war, the IDF has approved a NIS 1.5 billion plan to build backup facilities and reinforce sites that could be targeted.


As of May, the IDF has budgeted NIS 750 million for the project, with plans to allocate the second half by the end of 2012. The IDF Home Front Command and Operations Directorate chooses the list of installations that require the reinforcement or construction of secondary facilities.


Despite having a secondary facility under construction, a key IDF base in the North will be retrofitted. The IDF fears that the base will undergo heavy damage in a future war and therefore decided to build the secondary facility. That location is confidential information, located somewhere in the center of the country.

If this is truly the case, then the retrofits and redundant facilities should be completed by August to September at the latest. Logically speaking, Israel would not dare contemplate an attack on Iran unless those hardened positions were in place, especially with the threat of Iran ordering Hezbollah to open a second front or “rocket war” on the Israeli people immediately after an Israeli attack on Iran. Hopefully my readers have some time to get their own houses in order as this might give all of us some time to deal with the European economic collapse and prepare the home front for the coming storm out of the Middle East.


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