This CNBC Story Proves that Atlas has Shrugged

by John Galt
May 16, 2012 22:00 ET


This afternoon on CNBC, a young lady whose name is irrelevant representing a heretofore never heard of group called “Ultraviolet” made the case to demand a seat on the board of directors for a private corporation, Facebook, because they had no female board members.


Not one female venture capitalist put up any money to deserve a seat on the board.


Not one single reason financially or qualification was put forth for such a nomination.


Not one excuse for the lack of risk taken by such a candidate to have earned that position was offered.


Not one reason was given other than “fairness” and “equality” was given for a reason to “give” a seat to a woman.


This is part of the social justice movement and a reason to take the property and hard work of others for income redistribution because of fairness not hard work or creativity. Watch the CNBC video below and then reflect on the book Atlas Shrugged.


As everyone is now living the book, one painful chapter and page at a time.


2 Comments on "This CNBC Story Proves that Atlas has Shrugged"

  1. Venidomine | 16/05/2012 at 23:50 |

    I just do not understand the complete arrogance people as that “girl” come off with. Who in the Hell does she think she is, to demand anything from anyone? At one point, she really looked pissed off even. WOW

  2. Venidomine | 17/05/2012 at 21:52 |

    “girl” as in (Liberal Scumbag Female) LSF for short. Figured I would correct myself.

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