The Day the Dollar Died RETURNS

by John Galt
May 20, 2012 21:30 ET


After months of haggling, arguing, and bullcrap (much like the Federal Reserve’s nonsense) I have abandoned efforts to make the blovel/novel, “The Day the Dollar Died” which I first published in November of 2009 an online novel for purchase. Needless to say it was a huge success years ago and my readers need a refresher as to what can and probably will happen due to bankster incompetence when all is said and done.


The names might change, but the theory and horror remains the same.


Enjoy and click to full page to read on your mobile phone or personal computer device.



To download the PDF version without going through Scribd, free of charge, click on the link below:


The Day the Dollar Died by John Galt


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