Electric Shock Treatment being used on “Special Needs” students in Massachusetts

by John Galt
May 23, 2012 05:25 ET


Just when you think America can not sink any lower into a Nazi/Soviet style Eugenics fantasyland, this story catches my attention from Anderson Cooper’s CNN television program which I watched early this morning:



Needless to say I am disgusted with our nation as the program illustrates that we have learned nothing from our past, nothing from the horrors of allowing “scientists” and academics to implement programs without proper oversight, and nothing about allowing our nation to drift further from God and maintaining it’s status as a moral leader in the world.


According to the article at the link below in the Canton Patch from yesterday, a protest to demand the end to this cruel therapy is being planned on June 2nd:


Protest Slated For June 2 to End Shock Therapy At The Judge Rotenberg Center


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  1. Southwind | 30/05/2012 at 00:13 |

    Massataxes has a history of mistreating anyone it institutionalizes. I know, I grew up there.

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