5.25.12 V of Galt Friday Night Fights: Bug-In v. Bug-Out

By John Galt
May 25, 2012 18:30


Sorry gang, I changed the subject. And tonight’s show will invite two callers to enter the Octagon, two enter, one leaves victorious. The rules are:


1. There are a few rules otherwise, no.


2. Kicking below the belt, okay.


3. No cursing.


4. No gouging.


5. No using Obama as a reason for anything.


6. Don’t piss on or off the host.


Hear me out at 8 p.m. Eastern Time live via the Just Measures Radio Network on the “Voice of Galt.”


To participate when the call goes out for some safe, clean, fun fighters, call:


877-213-6404 or 812-307-4363


Just click on the banner below to find the various audio players to listen or to participate in the chat room with like minded Americans.


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