All is not well in the Fatherland: Riots in Germany leave 38 police injured, 700 plus arrests


by John Galt
June 3, 2012 12:40 ET

So much for the model of German peace and stability they present to the world when discussing “their” rational dealings and solutions for the PIIGS debacle. In Hamburg, Germany last night over 3,500 left wing radicals faced off against approximately 700 Neo-Nazis and the losers were the police and property owners. According to an article in the Austrian newspaper Wiener Zeitung (click here to read; translation required) the following excerpt tells the tale of woe (Using Google translate):


From the field of counter-protesters were officials have been bombarded with massive stones, bottles and firecrackers, it said. The police used water cannons and pepper spray. Rioters set barricades and garbage containers, and a police car and several other vehicles on fire.


Police arrested 17 people, another 63 demonstrators were taken into temporary custody. In addition there were about 700 demonstrators who had been set by the police after the rally, the organizers had declared dissolved. The police had 4,400 officers in service, of which 2400 German from other states.


A counter-protest elsewhere with over 10,000 people in the town of Wandsbek went off without incident. According to the coverage from the Russian news service RIA Novosti, the police reported over €1.5 million in damage from the riots. Perhaps things are not as well in the Fatherland as the American mainstream media might have us believe.


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