Human Case of H5N1 Bird Flu in Hong Kong


by John Galt
June 3, 2012 10:45 ET


And as if the world doesn’t have enough on its plate tonight, let’s raise the ante with this story from the Hong Kong Standard which should reassure everyone who has to travel to China, Hong Kong, or Macau:


Bird flu boy spends 5 days in ward after wrong call


The story by Mary Ann Benitez exhibits the joys of government health care along with the blissful deniability of communist efficiency. Check out this portion of the story demonstrating that the doctors were clueless about the diagnosis:


A spokeswoman for the Hospital Authority told The Standard that Caritas doctors suspected upper respiratory tract infection.


“We can’t put all patients with flu in isolation and it depends on the case,” she said.


When asked when the antiviral drug Tamiflu was given to the boy, she said: “What I can tell you is the boy has been given Tamiflu … at Princess Margaret.”


The boy is believed to have contracted bird flu when he and his mother bought a live duck at a wet market in mid-May in Guangzhou and had it dressed on the spot. The Centre for Food Safety said there is no registered poultry farm within 30 kilometers of the patient’s usual residence in Guangzhou.


On May 23, the boy developed fever and a runny nose and was taken to two doctors in Guangzhou within three days. He came to Hong Kong on May 26 and visited a private clinic in Mong Kok.


He started convulsing and was taken to the accident and emergency department of Caritas Medical Centre a week ago.


About 80 contacts of the boy at the private clinic, ambulance, and Caritas including children are being traced.


Two health-care workers from Caritas developed symptoms but were not diagnosed with H5N1.


University of Hong Kong virology professor Guan Yi said the virus will be tested to see whether it has mutated.


Uh, that’s disturbing. This is the prime travel season for the region also so if it has mutated would we even hear about it or would the communist authorities stifle the news? Based on the reaction of the Taiwanese authorities in this story form the Taipei Times, they do not trust Hong Kong or the mainland either. That tiny nation has initiated extensive screening and per the story:


In response, Taiwanese authorities said that aside from keeping a close tab on developments in Hong Kong, they were also stepping up taking samples from incoming travelers.


The Department of Health (DOH) has since Saturday been taking the body temperatures of all passengers at airports and asking for their history of contact with poultry.


All incoming travelers from China, Hong Kong and Macau will have a sample taken if they exhibit symptoms of the flu or have a history of contact with poultry, the DOH said.


If this does or has mutated, then along with the other nightmarish news the world is dealing with it would prove a death knell for the economies of the West and Asia almost overnight. Ain’t doom just so much fun to watch?


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