Posse Comitatus is now Irrelevant: US Military Allegedly assisting Police by using Drones


by John Galt
June 4, 2012 16:00 ET


This PDF document of a declassified Air Force intelligence report obtained by CBS News Radio KNX-1070 spells out what I have been warning about on the air for over a year now:



The report from KNX-1070 a CBS affiliate in Los Angeles by Charles Feldman (Click here for full story and audio report) has one extract which is particularly disturbing:


Under U.S. Air Force rules, drones are not allowed to conduct “non-consensual surveillance” on U.S. citizens or property, though there are some apparent exceptions.


What has critics alarmed is that data collected by drones accidentally, under the guidelines, can be kept by the military up to three months before being purged and can also be turned over to “another Department of Defense or government agency to whose function it pertains.”


The Air Force guidelines permit using drones domestically to assist law enforcement in “investigating or preventing clandestine intelligence activities by foreign powers, international narcotics activities , or international terrorist activities.” More vague is language that also allows military cooperation with local law enforcement for the purposes of “preventing, detecting, or investigating other violations of law.”


The bottom line is that the government and law enforcement at the local level has a complete disregard for the U.S. Constitution and the Fourth Amendment protections each citizen is entitled to. This is verified by a report in Wired Magazine last week on May 31st:


Feds Want Warrantless Spying Loss Overturned, Saying the Law Can’t Touch Them


Excuse me? Now those producing intelligence reports, be it viable, false, or real now feel they can not be “touched” by the Constitution nor the rule of law? This excerpt says it all:


Despite that, the government appealed, hoping to re-establish that citizens spied on by the government in the name of national security have no recourse in the courts, even if the government flagrantly violates the laws and the Constitution.


Wir sind alle Ostdeutschen nun.


(h/t Judge Napolitano for the link to the KNX story)


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