Obama’s Nuclear Election Option

  by John Galt June 11, 2012 23:30 ET   There is this early optimism among the Republicans of this Republic along with the utter disdain and disgust from independents that President Barrack Obama will be departing the White House after the upcoming election. The problem with this line of thinking is that this is no ordinary administration. Obama’s regime was not designed by the typical Democratic Party operatives nor the usual liberal suspects. America was under assault back in the 1980’s the minute Ronald Reagan won the presidency and unfortunately,…

CalOkie Bank Failure Page Update

  by John Galt June 11, 2012 19:00 ET   This is one of those updates that my readers are just going to have to see to believe including the awesome graphic below which shows just how insane this collapse and banking situation has been used to curry political favor.   Click on this link or go to the listing for Economic Charts to the right of the page to see the latest graphics from Cal’s FDIC coverage.      

Almost 20% of the Spanish Bailout is taken by the Lehman of España

  by John Galt June 10, 2012 23:58 ET   But, but, but, but, it’s no big deal?   Right?   Well per this article from the English translation of El Confidencial, yup, it could be:   Bankia, €19bn may not be enough   Uh, oopsies.   From the article:   Although it sounds incredible, the €19bn that Bankia, the troubled Spanish bank, has requested from the government to sanitize its accounts may not be enough. The Bankia tower, a skyscraper designed by the famous British architect Norman Foster, in the heart of Madrid’s…

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