Meanwhile, back in Spain the Miners Protesting Pay and Austerity Intensifies


by John Galt
June 13, 2012 11:00 ET


The American media’s obsession with ignoring bad news and engaging in propaganda via the art of omission works well for the target audience which is more concerned about Lindsey Lohan or a “yes we can” chant. However when the internet news hounds (my readers) and those concerned about the future of Europe and hence, the U.S. economy start to dig into the severity of the situation in Europe new facts emerge to raise the concern level.


In Spain, that goes without saying that the crisis is far worse than initially advertised and unlike some financial news websites, I won’t paint a smiley face on this protests nor drag out a bunch of ignorant teenagers who think Angela Merkel is a benevolent dictator. Yesterday news about a serious mining strike in Asturias accelerated as the story below from EuroNews illustrates in video where the miners blocked railways, roads, and tunnels using debris and burning tires followed by hit and run pitched battles with riot police.

Spain: Miner protest intensifies


The pitched battles were fascinating as the only support they have received thus far is from other miners in Spain and Poland. The following extract from the article provides a vivid illustration of just how much more intense these protests and strikes are becoming:


A miner who wished to stay anonymous said: ‘‘There is a lot of tension, and the tension is reaching the point where riot police are entering villages full of women and children, and they don’t care. In the same way that they don’t care, we won’t care either. It’s really sad because it is reaching the point that one day something bad will happen.”


That day may be approaching soon as video via Russia Today and their coverage of the story demonstrates:



The full coverage of the Russia Today story is available at the following link:

Burning tires and rubber bullets: Spanish miners rage against austerity


Needless to say, the crisis is accelerating in both Greece as migrant workers are being attacked by various racial purity and nationalist groups (see story from Ekathimerini at this link) and governments in the area begin to engage in any method necessary to suppress unrest.


This is what the end will look like, especially when the economic news covers casualty counts in the PIIGS.


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