Cyprus Could be the Next Domino to Fall to Russia


by John Galt
July 8, 2012 22:00 ET


The United States slumbers under the inept leadership of the Clinton State Department and the old Soviet Union begins its march through the Western sphere by purchasing influence one nation, one alliance at a time. The U.S. thinks it can intimidate the Russians with verbal sparring but in reality they are laughing, in fact mocking the handiwork of decades of Soviet influence over our foreign policy as we stumble from crisis to crisis and Moscow simply purchases allies like we buy our own bonds to survive.


The latest nation to possibly fall as a key domino is that of Cyprus, a divided island where the Greeks can no longer support their half and a Russian ‘loan’ to buy influence along with Israeli military troops on the ground could greatly destabilize the Eastern Mediterranean and further isolate the nation of Turkey which is drifting into the radical Islamist camp. The headline from the news website New Europe speaks volumes about the crisis the West is ignoring:


Cyprus asks Russia for help


In the story by Ivan Angelov, the news is fairly grim for those thinking this possibly future petroleum power will submit to the will of the EU banksters:


The authorities in Nicosia have asked Moscow for financial assistance amounting to five billion euro, announced on Friday the Russian Finance Minister, Anton Siluanov before reporters quoted by ITAR-TASS.


Siluanov stated that the request was being examined and did not fail to emphasize the fact that the island has requested financial support not only from Russia, but by the European Union as well.


At the end of 2011, Cyprus received a loan amounting to 2.5 billion euro from Russia at preferential rates, but it seems to have been insufficient. Because of the crisis in its banking sector, the country has no access to loans from international debt markets, while “Fitch”, “Moody’s” and “Standard & Poor’s” drastically reduced the country’s credit rates.


Regardless of the outcome of the negotiations with Brussels, if Cyprus accepts the loans from Russia on more favorable terms than that of the ECB/EMU authorities, then the risk of Greece and other Eastern European/Balkan states seeking alliances with their former Soviet masters increases. That in and of itself should alarm the Obama/Clinton State Department; unless of course they are actually working to assist their “friends” in Moscow.


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