The Unemployment Data You Were not Supposed to See


by John Galt
July 8, 2012 20:45 ET


If you read the mainstream media, pro-Obama websites like “Business Insider” or “,” you might be under the idea that this past Friday’s unemployment report was no big deal, housing has bottomed, and the transportation industry is indicating that growth is back in this anemic economy if you read the headlines and did not do your own research.


Well hell, I’m here to do the work that the mainstream media won’t do and in this first of two parts of a breakdown of the ugliness of this past Friday’s report, I’ll use the data the MSM and propagandist websites refuse to. After all Joe, who will one turn to of y’all decide to officially name your site a “state organ” like the good old says of the Soviet Union (Don’t worry, you’re too young to understand that)?


Let’s break this down by the two critical aspects of the U.S. economic structure as outlined in the BSM (Bull **it Media) and those apologists for the regime.


I. Housing & Construction


The BSM would have everyone believe that there is a massive recovery under way. Really? Friday’s employment data indicates otherwise….


WOO-HOO!!! The liars are right!!!! We’ve recovered to 1985 levels!!! That is ASS-KICKING AWESOME!!!!


Of course the population is far less, maybe all those illegals and American construction workers went from the residential to commercial side for work:



Yup. That’s where they went. They hopped into the DeLorean time machine with Micheal J. Fox and found work back in the early 1990’s. I stand corrected as to the “level” and “percentage growth” of the real estate and construction recovery.


II. Manufacturing


The reality is all those construction workers and illegals found jobs in the widget manufacturing field because we’re making more bullcrap, even with General Motor’s alleged channel stuffing (thank you ZH again), and the numbers when using non-seasonally adjusted data, as all my charts reflect from the Fed, probably will indicate. Right?



Hell, don’t worry about that little Green line. It is an indication of efficiency and Bain Capital outsourcing. Maintaining domestic manufacturing levels at the same numbers of the pre and post World War II economy is healthy.


Everyone must have a job making something within the durable goods field then, of course:



Hello Fonzi! Maybe everyone is working at factories making Kleenex and Dixie cups in the non-durable portion of the economy:



Nope. Still at pre-1938 levels there. Shucks. Just when I was convinced Obamanomics was working. Everyone must have gotten a job elsewhere besides asking about large fries and Slurpees.


III. Transportation


This is it boys and girls, this has to be it! Everyone has a job trucking, working in air freight or warehousing, right?



Uh, not so much.


Air freight maybe?



Nah. Everyone became a government employee, that has to be the answer!


IV. Government Slackers



Wow! What a cut in government employment!!!!


Unfortunately those numbers include buy outs in the USPS and ejections from the U.S. military but really now, how many really could have been fired ex the USPS?



Based on this, the U.S. is back to 2009 and 1995 employment levels for Federal government employees. Of course again, many of these souls are primarily military or defense related personnel but hell, we are so overstaffed in the Federal government it is pathetic. While many might view this as “progress” keep in mind many personnel terminated in the government sector have been replaced with private contractors who engage in their DHS duties without an oath or dedication to upholding the U.S. Constitution or individual rights. Thus take the numbers in this section with a grain of salt as the number of private contractors used by the DHS is a classified piece of data that even sanctioned Congressmen and women on the oversight committees do not know nor will be told about; even if it impacts the individual rights of American citizens.


Every number in every chart above is a non-seasonally adjusted piece of data provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Yet the MSM will say nothing, the BSM will lie, and the two political parties in charge will obfuscate.


Care to wager on how this story ends?



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