Election 2012: Your Choice is Murder or Rape


by John Galt
July 19, 2012 22:30 ET


The 2012 Presidential Election is a nightmare beyond any proportions Hollywood horror writers could dream up or our nation’s Founding Father’s wildest imagination. The choice hit me as I was listening to the proverbial master of “alternative” media, Alex Jones via his Infowars program (available at this link),  where he was interviewing Joseph Farah of WorldNetDaily fame about the upcoming contest.


The ringing endorsement by Mr. Farah to vote for Mitt Romney over President Obama?


“He’s not going to kill you.”


Granted, that might be a tad out of context but in consideration of the severity of the times American citizens live in where the regime in power has dismissed the U.S. Constitution as irrelevant and the Republican Party has decided to bypass its responsibilities to block the illegal actions of this administration, maybe is is not so far our of context after all. I would recommend everyone listen to the interview linked above and decide for themselves.


The United States faces a stark choice this November and I’m not playing word games nor denigrating the seriousness nor victims of the crimes I reference in the title and throughout the article. The selection for President of the United States on November 6, 2012 is this simple:


A vote for murder or a vote for rape.


Before the hand wringing politically correct whiners and wimps start their crying and gnashing of teeth to accuse me of being a drama queen or calling Obama a “murderer” I submit to you photographic evidence of two victims of this regime thus far:


Brian Terry, the U.S. Border Patrol agent who was murdered using weapons provided by the administration’s illegal Fast and Furious operation is but one example of many U.S. personnel needlessly killed due to bureaucratic incompetence if not evil, malicious intent to expand the power of this regime. The death of the Constitution was simply validated with the U.S. Supreme Court’s Obamacare decision along with a series of Executive Orders which establish a police state framework waiting on implementation orders from the Executive Branch.


A vote for President Obama is a vote for murder, not just of the nation once known as the United States, but for possibly if not probably tens of thousands of U.S. citizens; and not just those brave men and women fighting in the military. Once an avowed Marxist achieves unchallenged power, all opposition faces the risk of being vanquished and the inexorable potential for a larger power grab ensuring his reign far beyond such archaic concepts as “term limits” and the rule of law.


These leaves the other candidate, the potential rapist in chief.


How does this label apply? Trust me it is not in the perverse sexual sense of the word. The Federal Reserve and other world central bankers are salivating at the thought of having one of their own running the United States. Mitt Romney has demonstrated the financial ruthlessness which will allow the completion of the harvest, as postulated by G. Edward Griffin’s book, The Creature from Jekyll Island. One quote from this book has stuck in my mind as this campaign season accelerates and the battle lines become more defined:

“When men are entrusted with the power to control the money supply, they will eventually use that power to confiscate the wealth of their neighbors.”


That statement rings especially true with Mr. Romney’s ties to the hedge fund industry and the expansive connections from there to the world’s shadow banking systems. The reason to fear a Romney regime as much as Obama’s in many respects are identical because a politician is what his record his. In Romney’s case that would be:


Pro-Global Warming



Pro-Gun Control



Pro-Illegal Immigration



So while we might lose all of our freedoms and in the case of some citizens, our lives under a second no holds barred Obama administration, at least under Romney the people will only have to endure the painful rape of our financial system, destruction of some but not all of our freedoms, and the start of an assimilation program into a globalist system of government. Considering the dangers of the former, I now understand Joseph Farah’s consternation of the choices before us this November and why he said what he did during the radio program today.


Alex, I’ll take financial rape for $500; I’m too young for the boxcars and showers.


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  1. GuyinFLA | 20/07/2012 at 11:57 |

    As usual, very well stated. I noticed this on infowars and had similar thoughts. The good news for me is, I started planing my exit several years ago when you first suggested the alternative. And, regardless of who gets the nod from the populous,(we had better choices than Romney. much better)me an mine will be out by years end. It’s taken a lot of research to find the right place and to plan our exit strategy, but we are finally there.

    It breaks my heart that our once great country has fallen into this abiss. But, I see no hope on the near horizon. The international community backed by the bankers has pretty much won and there is no turning back. 1984 is here, it just took them a little longer than they figured. I wish the best to all freedom loving people everywhere. YOU know what has to happen to get your freedom back. It’s very likely to late though. Most will just sit back like they have over the years and gripe. Little action to be taken.

    God bless

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