If Fukushima is Secured, then why is Japan Looking for an alternate Capital?

  by John Galt July 20, 2012 19:55 ET   The story from the business website Nikkei.com spells out without saying it just how severe the alleged ongoing radiation leaks from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster really is:   Osaka, Sapporo Eyed As Standby Capital After ‘Big One’   (Excerpted-Click on the link above to read the full story) TOKYO (Nikkei)–A Cabinet Office council has proposed five cities — Osaka, Sapporo, Sendai, Nagoya and Fukuoka — to replace Tokyo as the seat of government should an earthquake knock out the capital….

A HUGE EPA Related Court of Appeals Decision Today

  by John Galt July 20, 2012 19:30 ET     How big is this decision? Let me put it this way:   IF I owned a manufacturing facility impacted by this decision, I would lay everyone off and begin selling the equipment to manufacturers overseas.   IF I managed an electric utility corporation impacted by this decision, I would wait until the temperature hit 100 degrees then shut the impacted plants down and refuse to build any new ones.   The world is following the book, Atlas Shrugged, yet most…

FDIC Friday Returns: 4 Small Banks Fail in Georgia (2) & Florida (now 4)

  by John Galt July 20, 2012 17:45 ET   Too bad the real scum have immunity from failing and the little guys are being harvested. To see the information from the FDIC website, please click on the links below as the real estate depression continues to claim financial victims.   The Royal Palm Bank of Florida – Naples, FL   Georgia Trust Bank – Buford, GA   First Cherokee State Bank – Woodstock, GA   Make that 4 now…. Heartland Bank – Leawood, KS  

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