Here it comes: Iranian Assets Activated inside the U.S. for Potential Terror Attacks


by John Galt
July 22, 2012 08:00 ET


The Daily Caller’s Reza Kahlili has broken a fascinating story which unfortunately is quite logical based on current events in the Middle East:


Iranian assets in United States mosques, universities activated for potential terrorist attacks


The disturbing portion of the story is contained in this excerpt:


The regime’s Islamic foundations, such as Al-Ghadir and AhlulBayt, have set up branches throughout the world, including in America, funding mosques and Islamic centers that gather intelligence, recruit and transfer of cash to the regime’s cells.


Many other assets are already working at high-tech companies in the U.S., according to the source. These assets seek to gain access on communications by Iranians who are active in America in opposing the regime and also to gain technological secrets, which then are passed on to the regime.


Others have been placed in universities across the U.S. to gain critical knowledge to help with Iran’s nuclear arms program, while others promote better ties with Iran through various organizations and think tanks, which also provide the Islamic regime with analyses on the state of American public opinion.


While many average Americans might dismiss this as hyped up panic journalism, the Iranians have had over 30 years to install a sophisticated terrorist infrastructure inside of our nation and neighboring countries with little opposition due to politically correct naive fools ruling our nation. This short sightedness and failure to engage this problem head on will probably result in a day with heavy American casualties on our own soil which will make the events (not to belittle them) in Aurora, Colorado seem like a fender bender on the interstate during a typical rush hour.


Take a moment and read the entire story at the link above. It is worth my reader’s time to become or stay alert and aware as we head into the busiest 180 days in American history since 9/11.


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