Does World War III Start on September 11, 2012 ?


by John Galt
September 3, 2012 21:15 ET


    One week from today the discussion of the average American citizen and businessman COULD switch from the results of the Democratic National Convention and the first weekend of the National Football League results to a horrific realization that the world has once again stepped beyond the precipice and into a new era of complete and total suicidal conflict.


Almost exactly eleven years after the attacks on the World Trade Center on 9/11/01.


There are some prophecy experts, web readers, and other commentators offering up similar predictions based on their theories. I have been discussing this possibility on The Voice of Galt radio program for several weeks now and with one week to go, I thought it would be wise to summarize in detail the practical and political concerns which has lead me to speculate as to why this is a potential date for a jumping off point of an attack on Iran by Israel and the ultimate beginning of what will become World War III.




On June 5, 1967, rumors of war which had been building for months became reality when the Israeli military attacked all of their enemies in a brilliant pre-emptive strike before Egypt, Syria, Jordan, and yes, Iraq, were ready to launch an all out final assault to eradicate the tiny nation. The Six Day War would forever alter the balance of power in the region and force the Arabs to confront a true regional super power for decades to come. This war and the revolution in Iran almost one decade later would set the table for the Islamists to engage in the development of WMD’s including nuclear weapons, to provide an offensive or retaliatory capacity against Israel. This last fact has not escaped the attention of the government in Jerusalem regardless of the empty promises of the United Nations and various U.S. administrations.


June 7, 1981 became a true day of historical significance and precedence in the tiny nation as Israeli fighter bombers successfully destroyed the Osirak nuclear reactor inside of Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, eliminating the threat of a nuclear attack from the evil dictator who fielded one of the largest military forces in the world at that time. The model for future attacks was set with this daring raid to prevent the manufacture of weapons grade plutonium by a sworn enemy of Israel.


Again in 1982, after months of rocket fire from Southern Lebanon and a detectable increase in munitions being shipped into Southern Lebanon by the PLO’s Soviet bloc allies, Israel had reached its limit and invaded Lebanon. Instead of a short punitive war to destroy as much PLO infrastructure as possible to reduce or limit attacks from Lebanon, the strategic blunder of attempting an occupation of the country resulted in a bloodbath and protracted conflict which cost Israel dearly in the eyes of the world and domestically as politicians were viewed as incompetent for this failed invasion. Ultimately it would take another pre-emptive strike to redeem the military in the eyes of the civilian population and many in the military as well. Unfortunately that attack would not occur for many, many years and would be conducted in secret unlike the Osirak reactor in Iraq.


After another misadventure inside of Lebanon, the Israeli government warned the Islamic world in not so subtle terms that they would not permit the proliferation of nuclear weapons in the region. On September 6, 2007, this policy was enforced using the Israeli Air Force (IAF) against the Syrian nuclear weapons facility at al-Kibar. The destruction was total and conducted without the approval of the Bush administration which insisted on pursuing a diplomatic solution, much like the Obama regime is attempting currently with Iran. What made this attack significant was the overwhelming force used to destroy the site and the fact that it did not occur during  a new moon; a tactic the United States military favors.


Interestingly enough, the lunar phase of September 6, 2007 is almost identical to what we will see seven days from now:





The United States under a Presidency which has openly declared disdain for the Israeli government and openly embraced its enemies as well as causes contrary to the interests of the West has caused the Israeli government to prepare for life without an American ally over the next decade barring the election of Mitt Romney or dissolution of the United States into several smaller nations. This pressure to act before Iran demonstrates a successful offensive capability to deploy at minimum an effective EMP device over Western Europe and Israel and worse, a primitive low yield nuclear weapon to attack Israel’s cities means that time is running out before they succeed.


This motivation to act is best demonstrated by a story from the Jerusalem Post on Friday, August 31, 2012:


PM tells US ‘time has run out’ on Iran diplomacy’


The story can be summed up in the very first sentence:


Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu got into a diplomatic shouting match with US Ambassador Dan Shapiro over US President Barack Obama’s handling of Iran’s nuclear program, saying “time has run out” for diplomacy, Yediot Aharonot cited a source as saying on Friday.


This is the clearest signal that the Israeli government is prepared to end the obfuscation and act unless the United States or West decides to engage Iran decisively.  In the last few weeks there appears to be an acceleration within Israel of distribution of gas masks and other WMD gear according to some blog reports. While the official media denies these stories, the apparent sense of urgency first noted within the Israeli media as stories of IDF facilities being hardened and redundancy programs being implemented nationwide months ago.


In addition, the front page of Sunday’s New York Times, the official organ of the Obama regime, leads off with this story indicating some sense of panic within the American regime:


To Calm Israel, U.S. Offers Ways to Restrain Iran





While September 11th is a celebratory day for many within the Islamic world for their successful strike against the “Great Satan” it would be quite ironic if Israel turned the table on the newly empowered radical Islamist governments of Libya, Mali, Tunisia, Turkey, and of course Egypt by successfully attacking Iran and diminishing their ability to manufacture nuclear weapons. The insult to the radicals would be followed up by an exchange which could, I repeat could, provide the opening and excuse for the IDF to eradicate both Hezbollah and the threat of Syria’s chemical and biological weapons stockpile. This opportunity is a once in a decade chance for Israel to eliminate the threat to the north and topple Bashar al-Assad in Syria by weakening the remnants of his military to a point where the rebellion would succeed.


Unfortunately for the Obama administration an attack next Tuesday, or sooner, would be a clever and strategic method to return the insults he leveled at Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu by taking the focus off of Il Douche’s post convention bounce and instead refocusing the American media on a problem which could have been solved by both the Bush and Obama administration but instead deferred due to incompetence and ignorance rather than a practical approach to foreign policy and false promises to assist movements for freedom and liberation such as was destroyed in Iran while Obama ignored them.


This backhanded slap in the face of the Obama administration would create an air of crisis where to satisfy his “foreign” (translation: Arab) contributors he might receive pressure to support and impose sanctions against Israel. That would of course increase Jewish contributions to Mitt Romney and tilt the election sufficiently enough in the United States to rid the Israelis of the buffoon in D.C. while diminishing his foreign policy record to the point of historical irrelevancy at the same time.




The United States military is on high alert in the Persian Gulf which actually assists the Israelis in such an attack, especially if calls for air/sea rescue occur. In addition, the weather is projected to be calm and clear over much of Iran according to long range forecasts (via



In fact as of this evening, there is no evidence of sand storms or adverse weather conditions over the Persian nation:


If these conditions hold over the entire region, it would be one of the few perfect weather openings for both an air and sea launched (SLCM’s) assault on the Iranian facilities. While the damage may not permanently disable the program, it would be an open declaration of war and a warning to the regime in Tehran that Israel can and will attack at will.  If Syria and Hezbollah overstep their abilities and attack Israel, then that provides the other opening needed to weaken Tehran’s international capabilities and perhaps encourage another uprising against the mullah’s.


Keep an eye out on the weeks ahead as the instability in the financial and geopolitical arena could well provide another historical window of horror, terror, and fascination for all of us to observe.




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