Guerrilla Radio Listening and Broadcasting


by John Galt
October 1, 2012 19:00 ET


What is Guerrilla Radio?


The background picture for this webpage is an illustration from an archive of historical pictures of the French Resistance during World War II. Why is this pertinent to the show last Friday?


It is time for a dose of reality for those souls who think that we will not endure the horrors of those inhabitants under Nazi German rule or worse, the people trapped behind the Iron Curtain of Communist dictatorships around the world. Why is this pertinent?


Let’s assume for the sake of discussion that the current President wins re-election. Care to guess what will fill the airwaves?



Think this is insane? Think again. These messages from spy agencies around the world have been filling the airwaves since the Cold War era. However, the recording above via YouTube is more pertinent as it was recorded on April 1, 2012. An April Fools’ joke on the spy agencies of the world? Perhaps. Or is it an action message for later use to create a problem for a foreign government or our own at a later date and time?


That is the key to surviving the coming onslaught of dictatorial edicts about to swamp the American landscape.


Thus what do you need to learn?


How about that old and original data transmission system known as Morse Code:


Morse Code Translator


Why is Morse Code Important? Obviously, if you, the reader, did not pay attention to nor listen to last Friday night’s radio show, you missed the point. Click on the link below to listen to what you missed:


Voice of Galt September 28, 2012 – Guerrilla Radio Listening and Broadcasting


Survivalist? Hell yes. Surviving what is coming? Essential information is within that broadcast for you to listen to above.


During World War II and the Cold War, people would have the audacity to listen to, I know, wait for it, “gasp” programming contrary to the government’s official position and from foreign governments. Why is this critical for U.S. citizens in the future? Assuming the worst case scenario, aka, an Obama re-coronation, the Iron Curtain will descend upon us. You, the freedom loving soul will need information that the government does not provide but independent thought and communications which will keep you from being in the dark as to what the domestic and New World Order government is up to.


To start with, you will need a small, concealable shortwave radio. Why small and concealable? One must have the ability to hide this radio within kitchen appliances to prevent detection from the authorities. Unlike the Nazi and Soviet eras, American and now other nations have the capacity to use the proverbial TSA VIPR box trucks with ultrasound and radar detection to penetrate walls and look at the contents of one’s home without a search warrant. There are various versions, however the the ability to scan one’s home has been available for over a decade now, especially by using vehicles like the TSA VIPR team’s trucks equipped with a type of radar which penetrates most structures and allows them to review all substances and material within a property.


That raises the stakes not just for broadcasters bur for listeners who want nothing more than to obtain information outside of “official” channels.


If you, the reader, think that for one moment your local AM/FM station will be on the air, much less the internet available for information, I’m sad to say you are a fool.  During World War II and the Cold War, people trapped behind the proverbial “enemy lines” were mired in a decision making process where the broadcasts from the West were tempered by local and national broadcasters who provided local and statewide information about their nation and what was occurring. In our current era, thanks to the re-centralization of the distribution of information, only external sources have a prayer of providing the truth or factual news about events behind the curtain.


As one listens to the Voice of Galt radio program I have linked to above, the reality that shortwave and “pirate” radio is the future behind enemy lines will begin to sink in. The key is avoiding detection. Everyone will have to learn how to avoid being tracked down by the state authorities and worse, nosy neighbors.  The first tool I would advise purchasing is a compact shortwave radio and my favorites are at the links below courtesy of Universal Radio out of Ohio:


Sangean ATS-909X


Sony ICF-7600GR


Grundig/Eton G3/E3


There are numerous older portables available which are also low battery consumption rigs, however, I chose current models because they are capable of BFO or SSB reception like some of the older models (Grundig G-4000A for example).


The next thing one should consider, if you can not take the time to learn Morse Code but wish to receive the transmissions described during the program is without a doubt the MFJ-461 Morse Code reader which plugs into the earphone/headphone jack of any decent shortwave radio:


While this basic piece of equipment might seem strange to most, it could save your life when the United States turns into a Stasi based police state.


I can not stress enough, the radio program linked above could save your family’s life. Listen and consider what we are about to face. And this program does not even being to address the dangers of an EMP event or domestic unrest. Prepare accordingly and pray for a miracle this winter.







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