October 3, 2012 Presidential Debate Summary: Facts Hurt


by John Galt
October 3, 2012 22:35 ET



Um, uh, er, eh, ahem, huh, um er, eh, eh, ah, oh, uh, damn. Facts hurt.
Apparently the POTUS without the TOTUS ain’t so sharp unless he’s debating a senile old fool.


For what it is worth, do not expect the MSM or the debate panel to allow Romney’s performance to go unpunished. Some will drop the “racist” tag for this beating and others will call him rude and disrespectful. Look for the worst to come out of the left now and preparations for a nightmare on November 7th should Barry lose.




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  1. soffitrat | 04/10/2012 at 02:22 |

    I think that half of the United States is fully expecting something between now and inauguration day.

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