Stupid Hurts: How do you Kill that which has No Life?


by John Galt
October 8, 2012 19:30 ET


Gang, I can’t stop laughing, not because I am a geek, but because the geeks and 40 somethings still living in their Mom’s basement are now pissed off as hell.


This story from Wired Magazine tickled my funny bone:


Hacker Goes on Massive WoW Killing Spree; World Survives


Funny? Oh hell yes. The video from YouTube within the article is even better, including the title (minus Stupid Hurts) from one of the comments guarantees hilarity ensues as every character gets killed thanks to a hacker with a sense of humor:




I don’t which is better; the cries of the people getting zapped and dying in the video game on the video above, or the whining by the losers.


Hopefully none of those moaning in pain are of voting age.


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