The Obamacare Hilarity Continues: Work for Olive Garden? Suck on a Cannoli


by John Galt
October 9, 2012 19:15 ET


Gee, who could have seen this coming?


Darden tests limiting worker hours as health-care changes loom


Think it’s ugly now? Wait until the law takes full effect. From the article above by Sandra Pedicini in the Orlando Sentinel (video included at the link above):


“I think a lot of those employers, especially restaurants, are just going to ensure nobody gets scheduled more than 30 hours a week,” said Matthew Snook, partner with human-resources consulting company Mercer.


Darden said its goal at the test restaurants is to keep employees at 28 hours a week.


Analysts said limiting hours could pose new challenges, including higher turnover and less-qualified workers.


“It’s a real problem for restaurants,” said Howard Penney, a restaurant analyst and managing director for Hedgeye Risk Management.


Darden, the world’s largest casual-dining company and one of the nation’s 30 largest employers, said it offers health insurance to all its approximately 185,000 employees. Many are offered a limited-benefit plan. That type of coverage is being phased out under health-care changes, which will ban annual limits for most plans.




Wait a second, had to catch my breath:




Most of the young dolts that work at in the restaurant industry believed in the hopeychangey thing and voted for their Fuehrer. Now they will be forced to get another job OR worse, find out how the free market actually works by finding out how much their sorry, worthless asses will cost to insure by actually buying a policy in the open market!


Wait until they find out a few years from now that their Grandma-ma got the rejection for that medical treatment and a flyer instructing them on how to find an appropriate location and doctor for assisted suicide.


Sucks to vote for Hugo Chavez Jr. Jr. doesn’t it you morons?


(Peace out)



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