The October Surprise will Occur on November 2, 2012


by John Galt
October 18, 2012 17:00 ET


The headline and story for the U.K. Guardian states the extent of the problems within the Obama administration:

Hillary Clinton takes responsibility for Libya embassy attack


Why is this possibly a precursor to a dramatic event happening on November 2, 2012?


I invite my readers to take the following facts into consideration:


– The Obama regime is starting to lose this election in a major way. The latest results as summarized by tells the tale of the tape:


The indications that this could be a blow out are building and one thing that everyone can count on for certain is that Bill and Hillary do not wish to be associated with a landslide loss of this magnitude.


– Hillary took the fall for the Benghazi disaster but was it “voluntary” or a result of Chicago style blackmail?


The Obama regime plays as rough as the Clinton crowd and the one thing the regime holds over her head, especially with Attorney General Eric Holder in charge, is a large quantity of classified records regarding the Clinton’s and their activities during their reign of horror in the 1990’s. While President Bush was too much of a gentleman (and an idiot) to release the dirt, even through secondary channels, do not put it past President Obama’s crew to threaten leaks to the media which would prove quite embarrassing to the Clinton family if she dids not cooperate.


These two key factors will play a huge role heading into the final weekend before the election. Thus if Hillary feels threatened by an election disaster or wishes to ensure a defeat of President Obama, the key time to watch is Friday night November 2, 2012 between 7:00 p.m. and 11 p.m. Eastern. As that group of political vultures may wish to engage in an act of Arkancide on the Obama re-election efforts by destroying the conversation and blunting any recovered momentum by Obama after the final debate and week long blitz of advertising. The net effect of such an action would be realized as Hillary can sabotage the regime by costing him some of the independent women voters right before the election.


Thus I predict the very strong possibility that Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton will announce via her connections with the New York Times that she will not return with the Obama cabinet as Secretary of State should President Obama win re-election. This action will create such a stir and shift in the conversation about the Obama campaign that if he is trailing by even half of the amounts listed above in the polls, all of his resurgence will be blunted and Mitt Romney will have a somewhat clear path to winning a landslide election victory.


Politically speaking, many will call this a suicidal move by Hillary but in reality one has to consider that after the dalliances of her husband, her Presidential aspirations were all but dead in the minds of many. The plan is to then send the Clinton minions out to work with the Democratic Party to sabotage the Romney administration at every turn and gamble on another economic downturn by 2016 along with further deterioration of conditions in the Middle East to allow a short, albeit narrow opening for the Clinton family to re-emerge as the true Messiahs of the Democrats. The next two weeks will tell the tale of the tape but barring an outbreak of open war between the United States and Iran in the next twenty days, this scenario seems somewhat more realistic with an attack against Tehran apparently on hold until the results of the U.S. election become clear.



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