The Only Thing Mitt Romney needs to say in Tonight’s Debate


by John Galt
October 22, 2012 19:18 ET



Peace in our time.


It was a famous promise inferred by a man who was as responsible for the start of World War II as the Germans and Japanese. By failing to rebuild his nation’s arsenal and modernize it when their leadership was warning in the mid 1930’s, Chamberlain guaranteed the war which Hitler sought. The ignorance of the implications from the Spanish Civil War and the practices of modern warfare horrified his generals but “diplomacy” was the solution he pursued, even if it meant enslaving millions of people in the end.


All Mitt Romney needs to do is remind the world of the fallacies of appeasement, of attempting to codify and work with radical Islamists and their terrorist supporters. Afghanistan is a disaster and confidentially any officer who has been involved or in theater would tell you the same. Iraq is now on the brink of civil war. Syria is potentially ready to unleash its chemical and biological weapons arsenal on the Sunnis and their Al Qaeda rebels, possibly even attacking Turkey, the Kurds in Northern Iraq, and God forbid, Israel. The entire region from north of the equator in Africa and throughout the MENA (Middle East-North Africa) region is aflame with terrorism, civil strife, and further deterioration in Pakistan likely leading to an Islamist regime taking hold there in the very near future.


Yet the Obamites and their Chamberlain like ilk continue to proclaim victory and “peace in our time.”


Mitt Romney can win this debate with one thought, a direct attack on the failed Arab Spring strategy of the Clinton State Department and willingness of Obama to arm known terrorists in the region:


Appeasement is not victory.


If anyone has a doubt about that statement, ask the Poles who survived the German invasion in September 1939.



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