An Example of the Masses in Action after Societal Collapse


by John Galt
October 25, 2012 19:30 ET


Sadly, it is my duty to report to the society of once proud Americans that there is a large majority of people that are no better than cannibals.


From 11Alive News in Atlanta, the sad story of Michael Vercher and his wife:



Oh yes, the family admits they worded the Craigslist ad poorly:


“Fairly large, free yard sale. Moving and we want everything to go for free. So come over and take whatever you want and how much you want. Here are a couple of items that will be there: Couch, chairs, lots of household and kitchen items, appliances, a wardrobe, desk, recliner, movies, lots of books, lamps, women’s and teens’ clothing, etc. And also a box of free food with lots of cans. Please take only if you need it. We’re starting at 10 a.m., October 24th, and we’ll finish when everything’s gone.”


What happened? You guessed it.


Crowds of venal, evil people broke into the home and took almost everything. The family admits they should have worded that better but in this society of selfish self-serving entitlement bastards, there is no right to break into someone’s home. This poor family was foreclosed on, probably due to their own financial mismanagement, but to add this pain by demonstrating the worst of modern American society is astonishing but not shocking.


From the article linked above:


Lamanac said she and Vercher’s mother arrived at the house about the same time Vercher did, thinking they were there in plenty of time to help distribute the items outside that they’d intended to give to the people who showed up.


“When we got here, me and his mom jumped out of the car and said, ‘This is our stuff, don’t take anything,’ I mean, ‘If you have something, put it back,'” Lamanac said. “And this one woman actually, like, got in our faces and stuff, and started saying no, and everybody else just kind of drifted by us and didn’t listen and took the stuff and left.”


Gimme, gimme, gimme. The new mentality of America where hard work is for the stupid and personal responsibility can be surrendered to the government for a condom, a free abortion, or an EBT card with an Obamaphone in exchange for loyalty to the state. Some people actually displayed a conscience in the story above and returned a few items, but this is a very accurate portrayal of what will happen when our society collapses. People will steal. People will kill. People will betray their brothers.


As our society begins to implode, pray we can find a return to sanity or else prepare for life after Rome is no more.

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