11.07.12 Voice of Galt: An American Autopsy


by John Galt
November 7, 2012 16:45 ET



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Dear God,




We got the message.


Love ya man,

Real Americans


Wow gang, just wow. A lot to cover in one hour as yours truly dissects the disaster from last night. And if anyone believes any one of the talking morons on Clear Channel today, well, I’m not serving up sunshine, lollipops, hope, Bible verse, or any hint of salvation.


WE, will now experience, together, 10 years of tribulation, pain, suffering, and worse. And only 10 years if we are lucky.



You have been warned so tune in at 8 p.m. ET by clicking on the link below AND……


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RT @FoxNews Col. David Hunt on criticism about @realDonaldTrump donation to veterans: "He created his own controversy ... he buried the lede today."

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