12/21 8 P.M. ET – The 3 Hour Final Voice of Galt Broadcast

December 21, 2012 05:05 ET

By John Galt



Tonight I must say that parting is such sweet sorrow. It is time for this cowboy to ride off into the sunset and spend more time writing at this website and more importantly prepare my family for the acceleration of the collapse. It has been a good run, starting with my time on Steve Quayle’s program many years ago until this moment where with the blessings of all my listeners who allowed me into their homes to share the news of the day and commentary via the Just Measures Radio Network. I must thank Cope Reynolds, Amy Reynolds, Mother Earth, DavidKal, and of course Natty Bumppo for their graciousness and assistance in allowing me to share time on the network with them.


It has been an honor to work with everyone and to make new friends in my audience.


Tune in at 8 p.m. Eastern Time to hear my final rants, ravings, predictions, and doom for the remainder of this year and 2013.


PARTICIPATE: Click on the banner below to find the various audio players ( 64K stream) to listen or to participate in the chat room with like minded Americans or call 1-877-213-6404 OR 1-812-307-4363 to share your thoughts during the show.


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