12.30.12 BREAKING NEWS: Hillary Clinton has Human Blood!!!!!!


by John Galt
December 30, 2012 22:00 ET


The headline is shocking enough:


US Secretary of State Clinton Hospitalized With Blood Clot


The Reuters story however does not specify if she obtained the blood clot from over eating of third world children and/or lesbians or an actual transfusion from her ice cold vampire blood to human blood thus causing complications to her system.


The good news is that with Obamacare now in force, she can receive the treatment she needs after review by the death panel in Staten Island, NY which manages her health care district and appreciates the regime’s efforts to help the region recover from Hurricane Sandy.


The bad news is she could be the first test case and living example of why the AMC television series “The Living Dead” might actually be a documentary with this bitch being the original case also known as sample number one.


God 2013 is going to suck if we all devolve and look like her after the transition to zombie status.



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