How Bad is the Fiscal Cliff Negotiation? Check this out…


by John Galt
December 30, 2012 15:05 ET



The Drudge Report has been tweeting and flashing headlines all afternoon but this blog entry via the Washington Post says it all:


McConnell reaches out to Biden — after dysfunctional Reid botch




RINO McConell who has betrayed every conservative and constitutional minded American in his entire reign of globalist terror is reaching out to this buffoon?



Just wow. If you’re not short stocks heading into Monday’s trade, you’re an idiot. Between the Crying Game leading the House and Mr. Betrayal leading the Republicans in the Senate, God knows what kind of deal they will eventually strike. It is a safe bet however that your children will wear a RFID tracking device while they pick cotton on the Bankster’s plantation as an end result.



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