Time to Score this Blogger’s 2012 Predictions (Ugh)


by John Galt
December 30, 2012 15:00 ET


So how did I do?



First, unlike many bloggers, prognosticators, commentators, and hosts, I will refer to my predictions for this year that is about to end by reminding everyone they can see my mistaken and correct predictions of doom in this thread from my radio show and in this thread:


JohnGaltFLA.com Predictions for 2012


Let’s break this down, section by section and score it by +1 for correct, -1 for wrong, and of course “0” for pushes.


I. Geopolitical Predictions


It wasn’t pretty but it came close to making us wish the Mayans were correct. The final score, I am afraid to say:




Freaking ouch. Maybe the Mayans will be right in the end as the stupidity of man allows some of my way out there predictions from 2012 to come true in 2013. Not a good start to the scoring!


II. U.S. Political Predictions


The one prediction I got somewhat right but missed a tad was the candidacy of Ron Paul as an independent to counter the RINOpervisity of what the RNC inflicted  on America with another globalist loser and the affliction of NeoConCon on those of us desperate for a little hope to stop the enacting of a massive Marxist expansion in the world.


The final score for section 2 is:




Well, I wish I had been wrong about Obama and the re-election despite my late season Kool-Aid prayer for a miracle in October. Sadly I also predicted the Supreme Court upholding the individual mandate and the right of DHS to monitor our personal activities and communications without restrictions so I gave myself two additional bonus points as it is my game and I make up the rules as I go along.


Sort of like the Supreme Court.


III. Homeland Security


The results of some answers are classified. However the end result is that Amerika is now a police state and that is not in dispute.


The final score for section 3 is:




I think the drone prediction is classified and thus I can’t give myself credit for that one, sigh.


IV. Economic Predictions




Next. (ugh)


V. Weather & Earth Change Predictions


This was an interesting year for hurricanes, earthquakes and solar events in 2012 as two storms severely impacted the U.S.  and the solar activity has indeed picked up but if a commercial satellite was indeed damaged, the story was buried to keep everyone calm.


The final score for section 5:




Better than the previous section, sigh.


VI. Miscellaneous Predictions


This is the fun section because who knows what I said when I took a spin of the bottle. Of course, down here in the South, we call it “spint” so here are the results from this year’s predictions:




Of course, nobody cares about the last category as that is a fun and gun sort of thing so what is the grand total?


Here ya go (double ugh):




Wow. I suck. Then again, that is much better than Karl Rove, Dick Morris, and the entire Neo-Con FNC cheerleading team did in the last half of 2012. Perhaps their mistakes would permit them the honor to pay for my Obamacare coverage in 2014, but I doubt the have the balls to publish their mistakes online.


On to 2013, the Year of the Reaper…..




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