The Real Losers of 2012


by John Galt
December 31, 2012 19:30 ET


Just a wee bit under a month ago, Americans both alive and dead went to the polls to vote for the candidate that they were programmed to. Yours truly crossed party lines from the Libertarian candidate to waste a vote on the Republicrat and as admitted earlier was dead wrong about the American sheeple as I had hoped to help delay the destruction of our society by at least one or two years.


After listening to the same “conservative” talk radio, watching too much network and cable commentary (yes, I drank the Kool-Aid so you didn’t have to), and reading the postmortem of the disaster in such a voracious manner so as to ascertain just how bad the situation is, I now feel comfortable with stating my perspective of who lost the most and how bad their payback from the Obama regime will indeed be.


Without a doubt, Clear Channel and the other mega radio conglomerates who made a fortune during the revival of talk radio by conservative hosts who syndicated nationwide will end up being the biggest loser. The United States has enjoyed almost thirty years of uninterrupted, uncensored, and free wheeling commercial talk radio with the greatest expansion of broadcasting and free expression since the great expansion of radio in the 1920’s.


Sadly for Clear Channel, Obama and the Democrats have a socialist agenda and quasi-monopolies which do not permit “their” point of view according to their interpretation of reality. Thus look for a massive move to re-regulate and restrict the number of stations and content duration for all broadcasters on mediumwave, FM, shortwave, satellite, and the Internet. Think it can’t happen here? Think again my friends as the capacity to rule via Executive Order is now in place with little hope of retribution and little to any chance that an injunction would be issued by the extremely liberal Washington, D.C. court of appeals.


The United States Supreme Court will end up being the last hope for talk radio aficionados and the corporations whose empires are dependent on syndicated national radio but it is more likely that Obama’s administration stalls any action at the highest court for years until the balance of power is shifted with at least two more Obama appointees who believe that government has unlimited power to regulate commercial speech via the airwaves and wires.


Sorry Rush, this is not 1996 nor will the end results  of the current regime’s re-election provide a boost to your massive audience or ego like Clinton’s second term. Sadly for America and Rush, 2012 will turn out to be the headstone year for the Republican Party and the dirt nap is about to begin with the upcoming Fiscal Cliff fiasco.


The Rush phenomenon has captured the imagination of tens of millions of American citizens, helped to revive classic conservatism with the Grand Old Party, and spawned dozens if not hundreds of copycat talk shows which have bombarded the airwaves with thousands of hours of almost identical thought processes and no real agenda to steer the country back on the correct course. Repeatedly over the last sixteen years Limbaugh told his audience to stay the course, work within the Republican Party to change their leadership and move the RNC back towards a greater acceptance of conservative values.


Oh, sure, the RNC would outline a platform of conservative values at every convention and pay lip service to the ideals in their speeches but in the end, Rush’s reign of radio bombast died on November 6, 2012. With the rebuke of the Republican Party, Mitt Romney, and the begging of conservative talk radio for months to do anything to get rid of Obama by holding our noses one more time and voting against and not for something, the ideals Rush promulgated are soon to be relegated to broadcast history. His entertaining style and ability to capture the imagination of new listeners will be limited soon, not just by the coming death of A.M. (Mediumwave) radio, but by a government consisting to two parties working hand in hand hell bent to silence all but approved First Amendment instruments to politely criticize their imperial reign of terror. Tee it up Rush and light up a Diamond Crown on the 4th hole as you relax during your upcoming retirement.


Send in the clones….

Sean has enjoyed one hell of a run. Emerging from the Atlanta market at a time of rampant political corruption and blatant abuse of power by former civil rights leaders, Hannity managed to ride in on the path created by Limbaugh and spin a nationally syndicated radio program into a successful nationally televised shoutfest on the Fox News Channel. The ratings have been huge but once again the marriage to the cowardly party and unwillingness to strike out and support third party alternatives to the anti-Constitutional Republican Party.


Finally in the end, he started  to realize that Libertarians were sending an actual clarion call warning of the ongoing abuses started under President George W. Bush and expanded under the Obama regime. The inability to distinguish his ideology from that of allegedly conservative GOP politicians will soon bear bitter fruit as viewers who were addicted to FNC and the various programs consisting of miniature verbal riots where opposing views ended with absurd and pointless discussions based on false pretenses from both sides.  Eventually and inevitably, that wears on everyone, especially when the incessant politicking and promoting of the GOP ticket with Karl Rove and Dick Morris on the show almost every night revealed a cabal of RINOism as bad as the displays of blatant support for Marxism on MSNBC. Sean hooked his star and bet his future on a Romney administration and the results were disastrous.  Next time, if there is one, perhaps he should make sure the star he bets on is not a Romney type disaster designed like a North Korean satellite.


Presenting the anti-anti-matter clone.


I’ve met Glenn and he’s genuinely a nice guy and believes what he says, even before September 11, 2001 when his shows were carefree and crazy during afternoon drive time in Tampa. Unfortunately he followed suit and with great trepidation supported the Romney camp not because it was an enthusiastic vote for the mysterious blob known as the Mitt agenda, but because he was not Obama. Once again though many extremists on the left and right will misinterpret Glenn’s problems from the 2012 election and blame it on the RNC collapse.


Far from that.


When one attempts to eat an elephant, one should attempt to do so one bite at a time.. While The Blaze networks, websites, and news resources are impressive in every aspect of their production and creation, there is a real threat hanging over the neck of Mr. Beck’s network and the target painted on is is a dashed line that says “Obama cut here.”  The misnomer is that this is still the semblance of “America” as we know it and that engagement in traditional and non-traditional exhibitions of dissent will be permitted. Sadly, I do not think this will be the case for much longer. All of Mr. Beck’s empire has been constructed with great expediency inside of the United States. No redundancy overseas. No international broadcast outlets to beam programming back into the U.S. No provisions for servers or alternate methods of communicating the message behind a digital curtain descending upon Police State U.S.A.


With 2012 ending, President Obama has the chain saw revving up. You might want to move your neck off the chopping block Glenn.


Uh, yeah. Deservedly so.


Newt Gingrich lead a so-called revolution in the 1990’s which took back the House of Representatives and promised a “new and improved” Republican brand where conservative values were taken into account and acted upon. A decade later of inaction and ineptitude and the Republicans earned the monickers which they continue to live up to to this day:


Cowards. Liars. Scum.


At least they killed the party with style by lining their own pockets, selling America off to the banksters in the early part of the Bush administration, and guaranteeing that no matter which party puts a body into the White House that they have the seal of approval of the globalist agenda. Perhaps the willingness to surrender our Bill of Rights to “protect” their financial interests is all you need to know about the G.O.P. The RNC didn’t figure it out before the election, attacked and weakened the Tea Party faithful with a concentrated campaign of subversion, and then got smoked on November 6th. The funny thing is they refused to attack Obama for his wildly extremist views, including some Marxist ideology openly exposed where he stated in his own words that the government should control X, Y, or Z. This policy of the RNC is akin to running a candidate for the Chancellor of Germany in 1938 and just hinting that “hey, Hitler is rude to Jews.” Guess how this program turned out for the party in 2012.


Think they care?


Nope, they’ll just switch to the winning $ide.


Ding Dong the Rove is dead,

The Rich dumb Bitch,

The evil witch,

Ding Dong the Rove monster is deeeeeeeaaaaaaad….wheeeeee..


In 2012 this horse’s ass showed his true colors with a bullcrap wipeboard and a fundraising campaign which attempted to remold the Republican Party and claim the mantle of conservatism in his image.


The results?


Yeah, 4 more years, no Senate, fewer House seats, and the end of our nation as we know it. Good work Karl! How much did the Rothschild family or Soros donate to your circus act to guarantee we collapse as a country? Goodbye scumbag, we will not miss you.


Kill the 2nd Amendment?  Yup, damned near complete.


Kill the 4th Amendment?  Yup, NDAA for all, thank you Senator Manchurian Candidate McCain.


Kill the 5th Amendment?  Gonzo, poof, finis.


Article 1, Section 7?   Now it’s digital, good work political illuminati.


6th Amendment?  Take 2 cups of DHS and get back to me in the morning.


8th Amendment?  Refer to above and McCain’s NDAA police state edict.


9th Amendment?  Good luck with that.


Kill the 10th Amendment?  Please pass the salt and Obamacare to rub into the wound.


Most of the list above was destroyed in 2012 with the groundwork created by the Bush regime and its cronies. No big deal, it’s just a damned piece of paper anyways.


Individual investors?  Nope.


Legitimate legal trading platform for capitalism?  Less so than a casino.


Gambling?   You betcha.


The complete destruction of the United States equity market was successful despite the cute E*Trade baby and clever commercials where old people act like they know a damned thing about HFT, quants, and until it is too late the phrase “margin call.”


The powers that be have succeeded beyond their wild imagination allowing the PPT and Federal Reserve to manipulate all aspects of our financial system be it bonds, stocks, commodities, currencies, or even insurance. This action, in combination with the  2007-2009 implosion followed by numerous individual flash crashes and blatant market manipulation for political purposes has soured the faith and willingness of suckers, er, investors to participate in the markets. Brokers are irrelevant piles of crap by and large, leading people astray to invest in the next Pets.Com instead of acting as fiduciaries. Large scale fraud committed by the banksters gets a slap on the wrist while car thieves get worse sentences even though they did not wipe a retired soul out of their life savings.


Good luck getting everyone back, I’m not playing ever again; Vegas  or a bookie has a cleaner game and better odds.


The final loser is you. America.


The masses.


The refusal to understand that by ignoring history we are not only repeating it, but accelerating the demise. The fall of Rome took hundreds of years of corruption and ineptitude. We’re on a pace to do it in microseconds.


Most citizens hate history so they have taken the elite’s word for reality and did not participate in this election because they can not trust anyone in government unless it is to help them get a form to file for some sort of benefit that they really do not need. Those in need as  a result are pushed to the rear of the line while those who are living off their fellow American ballooned to a historical high in 2012. Thus buy allowing the people who wish to control every aspect of their lives despite promises not to do so to win more control, the acceleration of the destruction of our national identity and unity continues at light speed.


America has become France on steroids and now the entire nation is being turned into a bunch of wimpy, sissified, cheese eating surrender monkeys.


2013 is just going to be the year where dirt is thrown on the coffin Lady Liberty is being buried in.


In my next posting on January 1, 2013, I unveil my nightmare predictions for 2013. Hopefully those are much better than 2012 so we can all enjoy the doom together. Until the solar flares send us back to 1881.






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