01.01.13 18:55 ET: Boehner Bones the Taxpayers Again!


by John Galt
January 1, 2013 18:55 ET


Well, here we go over the cliff and through the woods to taxrape house we go……


Boehner and the boneheads can’t even pass minimal actions without making an ass of themselves so what did they do? Check this out from the excellent coverage of the Wall Street Journal and its streaming coverage:


House Republicans Weigh Two Options for Vote

House lawmakers emerged from lengthy closed-door meetings without embracing a Senate-passed bill on tax increases. Republicans, saying the deal does too little to cut spending, suggested they may try to change


Corey Boles with the WSJ covered this story and of course this means that nothing happens tonight, tomorrow night, Thursday if the Republicons re-elect Bonehead as the Speaker of the House, and probably not until late January.


I guess doing something to stave off a recession doesn’t matter until Grandma and Grandpa get a 20% haircut in their investments so the banksters can plunger rape them some more.



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