01.01.13 AEP: Stocks to soar as world money catches fire, Calvinst Europe left behind


by John Galt
January 1, 2013 20:00 ET


Ambrose Evans-Pritchard hits it out of the park again in today’s U.K. Telegraph, but not for the reasons many of my readers think:


Stocks to soar as world money catches fire, Calvinst Europe left behind


The one statement that caught my attention:


The side-effects of this currency warfare — or “beggar-thy-neighbour’ policy as it was known in the 1930s — is an escalating leakage of monetary stimulus into the global system.


In the end, this attempt at stimulus ends in a massive hyperinflationary or deflationary collapse; there is no “gray” area or so called wiggle room. The hyperinflationary scenario ends with the world’s banksters collaborating to create currency alternatives like gold to park their winnings and harvest the terminally stupid. The end result after such actions in the 1930’s by the way:


World War II.


This is just way to happy happy a scenario for a doomster like me.


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