2013 Part 5: Your Home is a FEMA Camp


by John Galt
January 27, 2013 23:00 ET


Under President George W. Bush wild rumors of FEMA camps being constructed were circulated by the thousands around internet conspiracy circles yet little hard evidence was ever offered as proof of the plan to round up America’s children or families for forced relocation. The theory was that as martial law was imposed under the auspices of the Patriot Act the economic and geopolitical situation would deteriorate to a point where a “Red Alert” would be declared and the selected citizens on certain lists would be black bagged as in the movie “V for Vendetta” and hauled off to a FEMA camp for re-education or to be used as slave labor (For example see PrisonPlanet.com, August 7, 2002: FEMA’s Plan for Mass Destruction Attacks: Of Course It’s True)


This line of thinking has varied with the news flow over the last decade but one undeniable fact remains true despite the conspiracy stories, debunking by mainstream media types, and countless denials by government agencies since the passage of the Patriot Act; the United States has been designing ,building, and implementing the tools necessary to enforce a police state which would make the East German government of old blush with envy and current day Communist China look Jeffersonian by comparison.


Unfortunately for the average iSchmuck, engrossed in his or hers latest app of the day or faux friend in social media, the reality of the encroaching police state has taken a huge step forward within the legal realm and technologically since 2002 and the panic induced anti-Constitutional Patriot Act. The refinements from the legislative branch along with the judicial system turning a truly blind eye to the original intent of the founders as best illustrated within this speech by the Honorable Judge Napolitano:



The American people were thrown into a trance of financial and personal security in exchange for “some” Constitutional rights, the masses gave a blank credit card to the military-industrial complex and those within our government to intrude into every aspect of our lives. If anyone thinks that they are facing the threat of being hauled off to a “FEMA Camp” as so many conspiratorial speakers have warned about need not look any further than their living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, or the very monitor of which you, the reader, is using to read this article now.


Because all of it is or can be monitored in real time, without a warrant, and if necessary, punitive measures imposed to force compliance, again, in real time.


The tools were all given to the U.S. Government with the approval of the consumer by using the consumer based economy to inspire people to sacrifice independence for security and convenience. The cell phone is now given away for free by the government under the illusion that it is primarily to spread as many electronic devices capable of tracking a citizen’s activity and location anywhere in the nation. Why is this important to give the consumer new toys while at the same time imposing a background plan of surveillance and seizure of information under the umbrella of national security? Because by providing the tools and ability to have the consumer volunteer their information, habits, and daily data it gives the government cover when the hard times require the iron boot on your neck as a citizen. I often cite this commercial which basically advocates the creation of a cashless society to illustrate my point:



Why was the series of VISA ads important to the U.S. Government (or any government) for the avocation of eliminating physical money for the purposes of not just monitoring purchases of citizens and non-citizens, but for direct taxation be it via a national sales tax, VAT, or penalty taxes for items like foods considered unhealthy, alcohol, or tobacco. The integration of not just credit cards but cell phones into this cashless system provides a solution to the problem, especially as technological advances lower costs and help to eliminate the need for physical credit cards, debit cards, and cash.


Thus with the network of laws, judicial rulings, and an administration fully supporting the continuation of the Patriot Act and its unconstitutional wiretapping provisions, there is a horrific foundation of programs and technology to monitor the activity of every citizen and obversely, capabilities to now imprison an American within their own home using the same technologies of convenience being sold to the iMorons at any price because some Hollywood idiot flashes the item in a commercial or movie.


Using new cell phone technology, law enforcement and the government have the ability to now not only track your movements to within 1 to 3 meters, but in fact shut down your ability to access an individual’s financial accounts at every level. The dependency on cell phones for basic transactions is terrifying enough, but what if a LEO or government official has the ability to use these devices to inflict punishment? Sadly for the naive and those ignoring the advances in technology, RF controlled devices which can inflict pain and/or temporarily incapacitate a person. How is this possible? Take a moment to review a device much like the wrist Taser proposed at one time by the TSA but in this case self contained in a belt unit:



Take a moment to notice that the control mechanism was remotely controlled and thus could be put into a centralized control system used by a DHS or local law enforcement center to restrict the movements of anyone who has been deemed a “threat” to the society but was still needed to stay gainfully employed to help pay off their debt to society. The combination of the individual GPS and an injected chip working with said device and a stun belt along with a citizen being forced to wire their home for remote monitoring essentially turns one’s home into the very FEMA camp everyone has been fearing in the conspiracy world. Using cellular technology and even police band or other UHF designated frequencies, officers have the technological capacity to keep a person within a restricted field of movement and maintain house arrest without the cost of prisons, guards, and loss of income which could be used to repay the local or Federal government for infractions and fines they impose.


Take everything into account that the government has at their fingertips to control an individual they deem in need of discipline within the modern household:


1. GPS monitoring equipment with private industry contractors willing to bid out the job at a profitable yet affordable price.


2. Non-lethal remotely controlled disciplinary equipment as displayed in the video above along with a system in place to control all financial activity of a potential or convicted offender.


3. The ability to use the TSA and some parts of the U.S. military  if necessary at key border checkpoints to prevent citizens from crossing state lines should the need arise.



4. Multiple programs with clever catch phrases like “See something, say something” being used to introduce a Stasi type system where almost one in twenty individuals could have been an informant for the state police. Included in these programs are systems for children to begin indoctrination into the ideal of ratting out their neighbors, along with training for those who wish to take neighborhood watch programs to the next level with full integration at the local and national level, aka, the Department of Homeland Security. The program is a direct reflection of the experiences of other governments operating behind the Iron Curtain where neighborhood watch programs, sometimes just floor by floor in apartment buildings, were rewarded with special dispensations for watching individuals or buildings for activity. Imagine how some of your neighbors would act if they thought they would earn a tax break or free cable for a year if they agreed to report on your daily activities and movements for a period of time and all they needed was an app on their smart phone to do it.


The economy of scale is what was what make the modern technology and the programs above possible whereas the speculation of FEMA camps once drifted into woo-woo conspiracy territory. The capacity to imprison large numbers of American citizens has always been physically in existence as they are called  sports stadiums and arenas which require lower overhead to maintain from a security standpoint. The rumors of huge construction projects and massive quantities of material being set aside for these camps was flying in the face of logic when one takes into consideration the idea of using the consumer against themselves by letting them purchase their way into a police state with their dependence on technology. If the United States government needs to put people into camps, this will be the year that it happens and the average citizen will never know it. Because the camps are the very homes we live by, in the very neighborhoods we leave from to go to work, and in the cities both big and small we reside in or near.


Welcome America to your Home Sweet FEMA Camp Home; as I warned about in April of 2011 (The Largest Detention Camp in the World is Almost Complete).


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