Because We Sleep


by John Galt
February 9, 2013 06:00 ET


   With due consideration to those who care, I pen this piece in disgust, shame, and dishonor as one who has witnessed the slumber of our civilization and elected the Randian choice of selective support for those who may survive versus those who deserve the fate they have chosen.

This is not an accusation against my fellow patriots nor another hit piece on the Republicon Party. It is another observation of just how far we have fallen and how American values are now irrelevant to the discussion of our future. Sadly, most will continue on with their lives ignoring the reality of the new societal design implemented in 2004. Unfortunately, instead of the hoped for delay where the new order was imposed after 2015 or 2016, it has accelerated in anticipation of a yet unknown to occur event.

We can only speculate as to how disastrous the future will become, but it does not take much imagination as dozens, perhaps hundreds of us have been warning. Yet it shall happen as these stories form this week lay out in disturbing detail (from CNN):



THIS happened, because we sleep.


From CNS News:

Mold? Leaky Roof? Obama Administration Says All Americans Must Have ‘Healthy Housing’

Ignore the flowery motives within the story; think about the cost of the souls in this nation fighting Eminent Domain issues throughout our land. The government can mandate that one can not live inside a home determined to be “unhealthy” and thus relocated to “adequate” housing as determined by a bureaucrat.


Because we sleep.

Meanwhile, a poll worker in Ohio basically bragged about how they were able to commit voter fraud (via Channel 9, WCPO, Cincinnati, OH):



How did this happen?

Because we sleep.

Meanwhile, in a suburb of Seattle, WA, a 15 year old teenager was shot by a “contractor” working for the FDA. How was this allowed to occur? Why would a mercenary for our government shoot and wound a child? And since when did the U.S. Government not have the capacity to protect facilities without local law enforcement assistance and require the massive hiring of Blackwater type mercenary armies to engage in unconstitutional activities? That’s an easy question to answer as it is quite simple:

Because we sleep.


In my home state of Florida, Reichsführer Rick Scott has announced that the Florida State Patrol is now to engage in the activity of conditioning the public for its future , in the guise of “safety inspections.” In reality these are revenue grabs which penalize the poorest in our society and do nothing to improve the quality of vehicles on the road nor create a “safer” driving environment. This is truly a methodology employed by allegedly freedom loving souls to condition the sheeple into the concept of managed transportation routes and preparing the idiots for what is to come next:

Restrictions on freedom of movement.

How did my state, our nation, our people reach the point where “your papers please” become a nonchalant issue much like a grandmother getting a cavity search to fly out to a specialist across the country for cancer treatment?

It’s because we continue to sleep.

After the Executive Branch of our government awarded itself handsome pay raises via Obama’s power of the pen via the Executive Order, Leon Panetta the outgoing Secretary of Defense and in this author’s opinion, accomplice in the assassination of  Ambassador Stevens in Benghazi, has now come up with the ultimate insult and slap in the face of our volunteer military dying in worthless bankster conflicts overseas:

Panetta to recommend pay cut for military

How is this allowed to happen?

Because we sleep.

So America, there is an obvious choice. You can scream, cry, rage fury at the sky with a raised fist, pray, or do what really is necessary:

Prepare for that day.

Because it is coming.

Or go back to sleep and submit.

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