America is now officially F#@!ed

by John Galt
February 25, 2013 05:00 ET




Yup, America’s rebels have won the day again.

Of course reality in today’s era is far different from the Cold War ideology and mindset of the youth and even us old farts compared to what is happening now. In fact if there is one conclusion anyone with experience in reality and who dares to be honest with themselves and their family can easily reach, it’s this:

America is F#@!ed.

I have censored the word all of you have read aloud or in your mind only for content purposes, so as to prevent the offended from gasping and those easily offended from reading on. I don’t want, need, or care about those who are offended easily or are too politically correct to accept reality and understand what is about to happen to our civilization. This is not an article for children unless they are old enough to understand history and not for the the elderly who know it all and wish to tell me that old favorite line, “no sonny, you don’t know what you are talking about, we’ll whip their ass just like WW 2!!!!”


First gang, there is a reality check all of us patriots, be those with justifiable peaceful intentions but prepared for the worst and the terminally suicidal need to accept:



Government plans for drastic expansion of domestic mini-drones(via FoxNews)




If you’re a little slow or ever voted for a Democrat since 1992, the videos above basically mean you are seriously outgunned and could be dead without firing one shot from the rifle you obtained online or at the gun show. There is this myth of American invincibility which has been propagated with victory after victory in each major military conflict and passed down to the civilian population who enjoys the idea that by watching the movie Red Dawn thirty times that  the individual or small group thereof can defeat anyone using an AR-15 and a Bible.

Sadly, most people who flee their homes with a sixty pound pack, guns and ammo, set up camp twenty plus miles from town, and base their operations on standard, outdated military procedures and training will probably be dead before they wake up without firing a shot. The new, modern lethal impersonal conflict which is about to emerge into reality against anyone opposing the new world order or any minions working on their behalf at the nation state level. Those readers who think they have a plan but are unsure, read on, but for the know it all been there done that group, why waste your time, I’m sure there’s a message board or porno site of more interest.

This new generation of  MAV’s (Micro Aerial Vehicles) are so lethal, so devastating, that the upcoming downsizing of military forces within the United States services will be viewed as irrelevant by commanders and geeks managing the new battlefield. Let’s take the example of six men and women fleeing Suburbia, USA and heading out to the woods to flee a tyrannical shift in the government and imposition of martial law. Does anyone in their right mind think the military, DHS, or state agencies will deploy soldiers or LEO’s to seek out these souls? Hell no!

The geek will simply deploy a quadcopter from a carrier drone orbiting the new “battlefield” which will use IR or UV cameras to find those six illegal rebels. While one might be standing guard and five asleep in their tents, the quadcopter descends to less than 100 yards away and drops a few dozen MAV’s, each with two inch needles loaded with VX or another chemical agent and a program to seek out and strike all creatures with body temperatures over 95 degrees and attack. Swarms of mini robots hit the sentry and those unsuspecting “rebels” as they sleep, terminating their lives less than forty-eight hours after the “event” which theoretically triggers a patriotic rebellion and projected Armageddon.

Ah, but another reader might say “I’m hunkering down in my house and will resist from there.” Really? Has the non-moving target nature of the average American household not sunk in after Waco? First, the days of SWAT teams surrounding homes and taking fire will soon come to a close. If they want to end that individual’s “resistance” they can use a robot or a drone to hit a soft spot on a structure with a shaped charge and then once again, fly in the MAV’s like angry hornets terminating every life in the home regardless of their age or guilt.

During my last week of podcasting and broadcasting I outlined a series of tragic occurrences which will in all probability befall our nation and trigger a massive shift into a police state. Sadly, I am one of those who fear that the unbridled financial, technological, and political power bestowed upon those in our government and central banks around the world will ultimately result in a fascist oligarchical style of dictatorship where financial and political elites use every method necessary to control the masses and prevent organized resistance to their goals.

The key to resisting such an onslaught is to accept one basic fact, a principle I believe in and think will spare a lot of pain in my life as events move forward:

I’m already dead and at peace with that future if the Creator has chosen that path for me.

I’ve prayed and made my peace with my God and understand that whatever happens at the national or international level is now beyond my control and  the only thing I can do now is everything in my power to continue to initiate peaceful political change at the local level to stop the tyranny on our nation’s horizon. Am I hopeful? No. Realistic is a better word. But our country, the United States of America, is so far out of control at every level that the logical conclusion is that we the people are about to endure 1969 East Germany on steroids. Before any of my readers surrender and give up all hope, take a moment and understand just how out matched we are and reflect on this simple historical fact:

Our Founding Fathers were just as outmatched, just as oppressed, yet they found the will and way to victory.

Accept that we are F#@!ed and proceed accordingly.



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