2 Things You Need to know about the Markets in March 2013

  by John Galt March 1, 2013 05:30 ET   The markets are at a face palm railroad crossing and unfortunately most market participants and gurus are missing the warning sign. First and foremost is that gold has shifted from its safe haven status to a full blown predictive indicator of approaching economic and stock market action. At this moment the declines in gold are not stating we are in the great hyperinflation but in fact possibly heading towards another period of deleveraging and deflation as the monetary expansion has not…

SEQUESTER HOUR +5 UPDATE: Yes Mom, We’re Still Alive

  by John Galt March 1, 2013 05:00 ET   A quick report from Florida after the disaster which was purported to end all life on earth at midnight last night if one believes the White House and mainstream media: 1. All warm blooded animals still appear to be alive and normal at my location. No blood on the floors, no appearance of irregular heartbeat, just one human with a mild hangover. 2. All cold blooded animals, condition unknown because I’m not checking on snakes or alligators in the dark. 3….

America at the Crossroads: The Libertarian Conundrum

  by John Galt March 1, 2013 03:00 ET   Glenn Beck has dared to intervene with commentary in support of and beliefs professed to agree with the Libertarian political movement. However, since Mr. Beck is not a Puritan in the Ron Paul sense of religious fervor, it would appear that the Libertarians have reverted back to the old habits of Chinese abortion, shooting the children or drowning them in rice patties as soon a “non-approved” Libertarian is birthed. Thus why I think, and oh, I shall pay for the commentary…

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