SEQUESTER HOUR +5 UPDATE: Yes Mom, We’re Still Alive


by John Galt
March 1, 2013 05:00 ET


A quick report from Florida after the disaster which was purported to end all life on earth at midnight last night if one believes the White House and mainstream media:

1. All warm blooded animals still appear to be alive and normal at my location. No blood on the floors, no appearance of irregular heartbeat, just one human with a mild hangover.

2. All cold blooded animals, condition unknown because I’m not checking on snakes or alligators in the dark.

3. The internet is still up, all cable television stations still on, CNBC is still broadcasting BS, and no commercial airliners crashed into my house last night despite the lack of Air Traffic Controllers.

4. Riots did not break out across the nation at least according to the news services I have watched thus far.

5. My hair did not fall out of my head.

6. The sun has not exploded; yet.

Apparently the hype, the lies, the nonsense spread by the Boehner-Obama cabal that our  national defense would collapse overnight and we would have to surrender to Burundi were just a tad exaggerated. The big fib was just that and no animals or people have been hurt in the reduction in the rate of spending other than egos of the political elites and media types who predicted Armageddon because of such a minute reduction in the rate of spending.

Give them time though because as these reductions are phased in, the bull crap from D.C. is only going to get deeper and fly faster as the Emperor’s new clothes are exposed to everyone in the land and the economic fantasy we have been living for the last four years comes crashing down.


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