Mom, Dad, We Hate You


by John Galt
March 4, 2013 05:00 ET

On Bloomberg Television last week, legendary investor Stan Druckenmiller issued this dire warning:

“Don’t let your grandparents steal your money”

The video of the interview paints a very stark picture of the future, and sadly tells the tale of what is about to happen to the U.S. economy:


Thus the theme of the next years to come between the evil of the Obamacare laws and regulations which shall impact every American citizen be they elderly or newborn, unborn or ill, that the shape of our society will change for decades to come. Yet the new call, as the IPAB’s (Independent Payment Advisory Boards) are being designed to make life and death decisions for citizens of all ages, the youth are enslaved to a student loan program which makes them indentured servants to the Federal government, the next phase of the program which duplicates the mistakes of history in our past, just seventy years ago shall be repeated.

The first thing the average American will be taught is to become angry, to hate their mothers and fathers for stealing form their future. Why?

The numbers, as Mr. Druckenmiller points out do not lie.

Social Security benefits are on a parabolic course which is unsustainable as the funds were improperly allocated by our political elites for over fifty years leading to a bankrupt system dependent on non-existent  plus annualized rates of economic growth of 5% or more:


Medicare is also on the same trajectory and when combined with annualized Social Security payments, a series of programs with over $1.2 trillion in liabilities continues to expand with no possible way to fund them as our population ages:


To make matters worse, the elderly are advised by some government buffoons to continue working past their retirement ages but there are few if any jobs and now there are over 4 million Americans over the age of 65 no longer in the work force, or at least acknowledged by the Obama Bureau of Labor Statistics, and of course this means they immediately become wards of the state and the bankrupt system currently in place:




The solution is in place however for these problems as the United Kingdom demonstrates via these two articles:


Half of those on Liverpool Care Pathway never told


Now sick babies go on death pathway: Doctor’s haunting testimony reveals how children are put on end-of-life plan


Thus the double sided coin of evil designed by those who supported the historical precedent of Eugenics in America’s past and its current day incarnate from that past, Planned Parenthood. On one end, the weak, the deformed, the crippled are terminated before birth but the elderly were always respected and honored as their lifetime of achievement was honored as they saved for their retirement by working and saving to achieve a period of relaxation and recreation. Now however, because part of their retirement has been shifted to an era of government dependency over the last three decades, the retiree’s entitlements are now primed to destroy the economic future of their children and after their 1960’s “me, me, me” upbringing guess what?


They don’t give a crap.


The Obama regime and his eugenicist friends are now primed to take advantage of this schism between the 20 to 30 year old generation and their parents. There is this naive foolish belief that the idea of children hating their parents could not happen in modern day America.  Yet everything that happened in far more repressive regimes like the Soviet Union, East Germany, and Mao’s Chinese Cultural Revolution is being taught, nay, indoctrinated into the children of the United States in school districts throughout the country. The idea that American kids would snitch on their parents for accidentally putting the recyclables into the wrong colored bin seems foreign, but of course so did the idea of electing a Marxist as President just 5 years ago.


In Mao’s world during the Cultural Revolution, the children were taught to denounce their parents for their success or if they were suspected of not upholding the ideals of the Communist Party. The current mindset in our nation is following a similar pattern where our children are taught that guns, cars, and the Founding Fathers are evil in many schools and parents who disagree with this philosophy are not only outdated but possibly dangerous to their own well being and/or financial future.


Thus the disturbing trend Mr. Druckenmiller discussed above about the “grandparents” stealing their children’s money. In America’s past the idea of sterilizing or eradicating the dead weights, those who were mentally or physically incapable of contributing to society as designed by the technocratic idealists was actually the law of the land in many states as outlined by the map below (from Truman State University):

legislative status of eugenical sterilization


Sadly, into the 1930’s the idea of removing the so-called “undesirables” was common practice. As our younger generations are taught that the older generations are thieves and should be allowed to perish before they can use all of their government benefits, then the ideology of Eugenics will return as a viable option and will be used by the IPAB’s to fulfill the ultimate designs of the population engineers and Marxist ideologues educated in America’s collegiate institutions. This is now your chance to beat the rush and tell your parents that you hate them and hope they die early in a respectful manner to ensure you get their inheritance and it is not squandered on medical bills or wasting precious natural resources the world needs.


Or do as I do and give them a shout some time and tell them how much you love them and will fight to protect the Greatest Generation, our parents and grandparents,  from this perverted Euro-Socialist evil way of life as desired by the Marxist-Eugenicists now in power in our nation and around the world.


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