03.22 BREAKING NEWS: Russia Rebuffs Cyprus NO DEAL on Aid


by John Galt
March 22, 2013 05:50 ET

In other words, the Cypriot government refused to sell control of its petroleum and natural gas resources to the Russians. This puts the Rothschild cartel of the ECB back into the driver’s seat to Kissingerize the Greek Cypriot government and seize control of the nation if they do not cooperate with the Western Central banksters. From Reuters just after 0500 ET:

Russia rebuffs Cyprus, EU awaits bailout “Plan B”

(Reuters) – Cyprus’s finance minister left Moscow empty-handed on Friday after Russia turned down appeals for aid, leaving the island to strike a bailout deal with the European Union before Tuesday or face the collapse of its financial system.

The rebuff left Cyprus looking increasingly isolated, with the deadline looming to find billions of euros demanded by the EU in return for a 10 billion euro ($12.93 billion) bailout.

Without it, the European Central Bank said on Wednesday it would cut off emergency funds to the country’s teetering banks, potentially pushing Cyprus out of Europe’s single currency.

The disaster means the crisis moves on and the fight for control of this abused island nation is far from over. There are only two solutions left besides surrender and the default option appears to be the best one for the citizenry, even if it means triggering a NATO v. Russia confrontation over the island.

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