If North Korea Starts a War the United States Will Lose


by John Galt
April 2, 2013 05:00 ET


At this moment, imagine the reality of the world we live in and not the dictates of the psycho-babble globalist controlled mainstream media. The Chinese Communist Party is in disarray as a new leadership is ushered into power with strong influence from the People’s Liberation Army who wishes to exert its power over East Asia and permanently eradicate the dominance and necessity of dealings with the United States.

In North Korea the new leadership is splintering the military elites, Kim Jong-Un has been quietly replacing older generals with a new, more radical generation of leaders along with forming a government which might be more adept at action versus diplomacy as the nation declared they were aiming rockets at US bases in Asia and declaring a state of war existing again thus ending the armistice with the South.

The sudden movement of B-2 stealth bombers, B-52 bombers, and now a group of F-22 Raptors being sent into the region should spell out just how seriously the Pentagon views the North Korean saber rattling but there is an overhanging question which must be answered:

Can North Korea defeat the United States of America in a war which results in an exchange of nuclear weapons?

The answer in short is:


The United States faces, in my opinion, a less than 0.5% chance of being hit by a crude or advanced fission type nuclear weapon by North Korea. In fact the delivery systems they currently possess limit the ability of the regime in Pyongyang to very few targets outside of their region, putting US troops at risk but worse, the ability to destroy America does exist in that region. One map illustrating the targets of highest probability demonstrates why:


The North Koreans only need to strike two cities, Seoul in South Korea and Tokyo in Japan and the United States of America reverts to a level of economic activity equal to pre-World War II levels if we are lucky. How does North Korea lose the war but defeat the U.S.?

Check out these charts from CNN/Fortune Magazine Global 500 Companies of 2012, first from Japan:


And now, the top companies from the survey from South Korea:


The names listed above have only one alternative nation that is capable of replacing the lost production capacity; and they just happen to be the largest holder of our Treasuries outside of the Federal Reserve plus US citizens. Again, take a look at the names and consider not just the people who would perish, but the jobs lost, the productivity and innovation lost, and the ability to buy our crappy bonds by their central banks lost:


(from US Treasury Data)

IF there was a war with North Korea, Japan, South Korea, and the United States, the Communist Chinese would be forced into action and the headlines last night reflect the severity of this crisis with a mobilization on the North Korean border:

China mobilizing troops, jets near Korea

From Bill Gertz’s article in the Washington Free Beacon:

According to the officials, the PLA has stepped up military mobilization in the border region with North Korea since mid-March, including troop movements and warplane activity.

China’s navy also conducted live-firing naval drills by warships in the Yellow Sea that were set to end Monday near the Korean peninsula, in apparent support of North Korea, which was angered by ongoing U.S.-South Korean military drills that are set to continue throughout April.

North Korea, meanwhile, is mobilizing missile forces, including road-mobile short- and medium-range missiles, according to officials familiar with satellite imagery of missile bases.

This is not a normal reaction to the typical North Korean leadership bluster and in fact might be a move to contain North Korean forces and refugees along with illicit weaponry form being smuggled into China; at least that is what it appears to the Western world.

I put forth the following for my readers to prepare for a period of global tribulation should a conflict erupt and the cities of Seoul and Tokyo be vaporized:

  1. North Korea would cease to exist. America would retaliate with its strategic arsenal and millions would be killed.
  2. South Korea would become an uninhabitable war zone, with millions dying from radiation sickness and God knows what else as the North begins its “use it or lose it” strategy with all NBC weaponry available; including biological weapons dispersed worldwide. Economic activity on the peninsula would cease to exist.
  3. With the combination of Fukishima and Tokyo, fully 50% to 60% of the Japanese nation would become a wasteland. This will result in a reduction in output and GDP along with the eradication of one of the world’s primary financial centers to the point where Japan would be the equivalent of Ethiopia or Sudan.
  4. The United States will receive the bulk of the blame for failing to engage in “diplomatic options” when the opportunity was available. The rest of the world will blame us for the tragedy even though a pint-sized psychopath was responsible; Chinese and United Nations’ ideological propaganda will influence the Third World into believing this falsehood.
  5. Economic activity in the United States will be reduced by at least 20% within weeks and bankruptcies will skyrocket as a result within 6 months of the event. Unemployment will probably soar above 25% even using the fictitious BLS figures.

I submit that this is not an event which could occur by accident. The fact that China will end up in such a conflict with the appearance as the “peacemaker” and “peacekeeper” is not a fluke but by design. The ChiComs also hold the advantage as the only global economic power which could replace the lost manufacturing capacity in Japan and South Korea. The Communist Chinese do not have a consumer based economy and the militarized new leadership would prefer a solution which eradicates US and Japanese influence form the region to create a monopoly on economic activity blocking India’s growth and forcing Europe to shift alliances away from North America and more towards the Chinese sphere of influence.

Taiwan would become a subject nation as would other Asian nations and  Russia would take  a leadership role in world political affairs with China putting the United States into a subordinate position not due to our military capabilities, but our economic impotence. The inability to force China to continue funding our government spending and maintain a trade imbalance due to a massive decline in economic activity will crush our regime and force a turn towards isolationism away from attempts to impede upon Chinese colonialist efforts in Africa and Latin America. The resulting crisis will give the current administration every excuse needed to impose martial law and invite global cooperation to  create a new program for controlling the behavior both politically and economically for American citizens.

In the end, if this scenario bears fruit, the North Korean leader will be found some three decades later watching pornography and enjoying a life of luxury deep inside China after the United States and its citizens are subjugated to a new world system of governance. In other words, he wins, his people die, and the United States, Japan, and South Korea lose their freedoms and ability to exist as truly independent nations.



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  1. do you believe theres any real chance NK will start a war?

    • I would say better than 35-40% now tgvas….

      • hopefully by then I’ll be living down closer to family in Fla at Regatta Pointe Marina on a sailboat so I can bugout to points south, I truly believe now that the USA is done.

  2. Not Crazy...Yet | 02/04/2013 at 22:23 |

    Well, do your calculations also include the possibility of a simultaneous nuclear strike on North Korea AND China by the United States? It would certainly clear up that pesky balance of payments problem, bring a heck of a lot of manufacturing jobs back home, and put paid to the problem of a rising China as a rival to the United States. Heck, the Soviets…er, the Russians might join in on pounding China as well. And while we are nuking Asia, how about borrowing Fat Boy Un’s term and “settling accounts” with Iran? As for being blamed by the rest of the world, after flinging nukes across the Pacific and mainland Asia, the US won’t care what they think or how much of a stink they raise in the UN.

    BTW, for this to work, the first attack, a massive one, is on China, not North Korea.

    Of course, such a daring strategy to deal fatal blows to three enemies at once would be completely out of character for the current US President and his NSC lapdogs, so you are probably right; the US loses .

  3. funkedUp143 | 02/04/2013 at 23:57 |

    Calling BS on this. Author leaves out some pretty important information

    1 – US has all the guns (and drones)….US still has largest military in the world by an enormous stretch.
    2 – In a War scenario access to Oil is paramount and ability to secure supply lines can only be done by a proficient Military. Again read point 1.
    3 – In a War scenario Food and Water also paramount. China is a net food importer by a logn way. Who is the main exporter to China? The US. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2012-11-24/goodbye-petrodollar-hello-agri-dollar
    4 – The Western Financial System might seem like its on its knees now but do you think any of that Western Gold is going anywhere if things kick off? Remember China is the US’s Banker as it owns Treasuries but a bad move by China – poof, those Bonds are gone. Again what does China have after they dissapear? Nada. 40 years of manufacturing and all those Treasury Bonds gone.

    Given all of the above it really looks like Mutually Assured Destruction.

  4. SanMan | 03/04/2013 at 02:51 |

    Everything is always half empty isnt, the globalists move toward there dream of a 1 world world government in times of peace and times of crisis

  5. wheelie123 | 03/04/2013 at 20:00 |

    thought you yanks had learned ya lesson messing about with those asians,,look at korea they kicked ya butt there then vietnam,,,,suppose you will need us britain to help you,you go on about super power but your not anymore if them lot get together they will wipe you out.

  6. fayjay | 04/04/2013 at 15:10 |

    Omfg, you americans are literally messed up in the head…

    The world will blame the usa because of ‘propaganda’ hahaha oh wow you americans are such hacks. The world hates america because you’re a bunch of messed up psychopaths, you obliterated Iraq over NOTHING. You attempted to obliterate Vietnam over NOTHING. The list of your crimes go on but oh, thats just ‘propaganda’? The Mai Lai Massacare is just ‘propaganda’. Oh, and I bet that the bloody fact that the usa is the only nation wh has EVER USED NUKES is just ‘propapanda’ too huh you stupid f*cking yanks. The usa was built on the foundations of hate and slavery, oh right you’ve been trying to omitt that from your history books amirite?

    And yes this IS your fault, the Kim Dynasty started ot of resentment toward your actions in the East. All america does is destroy and create enemies. The only reason americas allies are ‘allies’ is because they live close to america and know damn well how vile america is and how it treats those who disobey its evil actions.
    And this is all disregarding the fact that americans are collectively a dimwitted, annoying and undesirable populace.

    The world will not mourn you you stupid yanks, your ‘allies’ will ditch you and cry with joy the moment you are finally attacked. You will disappear as a memory of a truely corrupt nation of violence, hatred and deceit. You are a threat to world peace, and your finger pointing wont save you.

    • rodanmusic | 04/04/2013 at 18:57 |

      Omfg, you Brits are literally messed up in the head… and apparently don’t know your own history.

      Almost all the crimes you listed that were committed by the United States have been defining features in the history of your own nation countless more times than they have with ours. This is not limited to the United States or Britain. This is a defining feature of the State itself.

      Just because the events transpired 100s of years earlier in your history instead of 30 or 40 years in ours, doesn’t make your nation’s past crimes any less heinous.

      You have to be pretty damn stupid to believe that you are completely free of any of the crimes the United States has committed (not counting modern technology such as the bomb dropped on Japan).

      Slavery? Check, Britain had slaves up till the 11th century, and they also had slaves in colonial America despite being a British colony and having ended slavery very early on.

      War and conquest? Honestly, do I REALLY need to go there, or did you actually forget the 1000+ page text you read in school full of great examples of your historical war mongering?

      It seems as though the attitude of superiority, moral correctness, and quickness to forgot your own past has never left some of you.

      Next time you speak, I have a suggestion for you: Think first. Don’t spout off non-sense and present yourself as a dumb ass as you did here.

  7. TexasTea | 04/04/2013 at 17:25 |

    Wrong America Kicks There But. Then rob them of their resources. Then send them an im sorry letter that pretty much says I told you SOOO.

  8. BazzaMcKenzie | 11/04/2017 at 20:21 |

    Insightful analysis, something unfortunately lacking in Washington.

    One might add that if the US nukes North Korea, the US will have nuked two countries, both of them Asian. Expect that to register with everyone in Asia forever.

    Note, I believe the Hiroshima and Nagasaki strikes were right, but tens, perhaps hundreds of millions do not. Wipe out a whole Asian country with nukes, and the US will be a world pariah.

    Actually NK does not need nukes to cause a disaster. It has more than enough conventional HE missiles ready to bombard Seoul and US bases in the south. So if anyone triggers the north, in any way, the south is guaranteed to be massively hit, and the north will automatically invade the south.

    Aside from the immediate devastation, that will draw in the US even more aggressively and draw in China. In a modern war in Korea, all the advantage lies with China, not the US, because of geography and dispersal of forces.

    All of Korea would be lost to the west, many millions would die, the US president would be rightly accused of war crimes and the US an international pariah for generations.

  9. Comebackkid13 | 11/04/2017 at 22:53 |

    This post is beyond delirious and contains so many baseless assumptions it does not warrant any reaction other than derision.

    This first flawed assumption is that Japan is rendered economically impotent by a nuclear strike on Tokyo. This betrays the author’s very superficial understanding of Japan and Japanese economics. All the companies on that list are very diversified and have offices all over the world. Yes, wiping out the Tokyo offices would damage the companies but it would in now way cause them to collapse. This is the internet age and losing paper files does not wipe out the companies records or prevent them from continuing business with headquarters in a different location. Furthermore, half the companies on that listed are manufacturing and export powerhouses with the vast majority of their production output and manufacturing locations outside Japan, let alone Tokyo.

    Wiping out Tokyo hits Japan with a psychological scar it will never recover from and galvanizes the world to action and unites all the major powers against North Korea. Economic damage is limited to a few weeks while companies switch production and management to different locations. The blow to the Japanese government’s operations would be much greater, but in the event Tokyo is lost, American military officials step in and take control of the country’s defense, as they have in the past.

    On top of that, this article contains blatant lies. “With the combination of Fukishima and Tokyo, fully 50% to 60% of the Japanese nation would become a wasteland.” Has the author ever seen a map of Japan? Tokyo in addition to the area cordoned off to radiation contamination is nowhere near 50%, let alone 60%. This figures are ridiculous.

    “Economic activity in the United States will be reduced by at least 20% within weeks and bankruptcies will skyrocket as a result within 6 months of the event. Unemployment will probably soar above 25% even using the fictitious BLS figures”
    Base on what assumptions? That eliminating offices in Tokyo prevent Toyota from continuing production?

    This article reads like a Alex Jones tirade. Start off with reasonable sounding data and use it to extrapolate ever more ridiculous and baseless assumptions.

  10. Mark H | 17/04/2017 at 06:39 |

    I have been in Japan since 1998, and have heard these empty NK threats over and over again. Honestly, I prefer we just level Pyongyang and get this over with. In time, Korea will be unified, the Chinese will have a stronger border and there will be one less despot on this planet. How a family of thugs has ruled a nation and its population for a a century now is amazing to behold. So few, controlling so many. And if one needs an example of how neighboring countries, pursuing different political systems compare, just look to the Korean peninsula. Socialism, communism, totalitarianism and the like are pathetic.

  11. fjm1235 | 30/04/2017 at 18:33 |

    This is one of stupidest posts I’ve seen on this issue.

  12. katep99 | 30/07/2017 at 07:18 |

    You are wrong on one point USA will get the blame because of falling to talk we tried that and they have gone to this now

    But overall a war is no good for both sides they are only after nukes because they are scared we will invade talk to them assure them we will not and offer them something to disarm

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