Attention Carry Concealed Licensees, Ham Radio Operators, and Precious Metals Owners: Registration is Confiscation


by John Galt
April 12, 2013 05:00 EDT



Think it can’t and won’t happen here? Think again. In every case where a totalitarian dictatorship was progressing which restricts the freedoms and rights of citizens, seizing the firearms of the average person was always and still is goal number one. To make matters worse, the pointing at the Canadian example does nothing to impede the thought process of cowardly Republicans defending the idea because the thought of obtaining more financial support far supersedes their oath of office and to the citizens of the state they represent. Sadly, America will probably end up with a national registry and in the end, conflict between individuals and the government.

The idea that a registry will not be leaked to other government agencies to use against the citizen was shattered with the revelations from Missouri yesterday via the Columbia Tribune article below:

Highway patrol gave feds Missouri weapon permits data

Of course the Federal government has agents and informants embedded within every major state and city law enforcement agency in the country and to believe otherwise is foolish. Thus any data on file within any state government has probably already been accessed by the Federal government and assimilated into the national database should confiscation become the declared action and desire of the national leadership. Yet it does not end there, registration has consequences beyond just firearms it extends to communications and money also.


From Al-Jazeera English service:



Sound crazy? It isn’t as the Iranians, Cubans, and Chinese use every mean possible to intercept, jam and block foreign news sources via radio and the internet. In fact China, the nation which our corporations and politicians are modeling our future after, have begun jamming not just Chinese and Chinese dialect broadcasts into their country but in other languages also:

From a television news show via NTD China (Taiwan):



Why? Why is controlling information to these regimes so important?

In the case of the stories  above it is about receiving information, which has been filtered and jammed via the internet, mediumwave, and shortwave radio for years. Yet the idea of amateur radio operations being interfered with or units confiscated seems to be a foreign concept to the average American citizen. However throughout history, amateur radio operators (ARO’s) have faced brutal times including confiscation when faced with a dictatorship that they refused to work with. Within the Soviet Union the ARO was considered part of the intelligence and military reserve, allowed to communicate with overseas operators not just to establish friendships and work on technical improvements within the communications realm, but to supplement the activity of the parties and indirectly provide intelligence data to the military and KGB. The structure of Soviet Amateur Radio is outlined below from the MIT book, AMATEUR RADIO OPERATION IN THE SOVIET UNION, written by F Gayle Durham with this chart (I’ve cleaned up somewhat):


As one can see in a statist government unified with no protections, ARO’s have few freedoms with the amount of state control. In the past, especially in periods of massive dislocation where the risks of civil war and revolution permeate a nation, radio transmitters and shortwave receivers where confiscated with little regard to personal freedoms. But don’t worry, remember the following phrase:

“It Can’t Happen Here.”

Until it does.

Then again, why would anyone worry about losing their access to personal protection and communications when in fact if the individual has precious metals they can buy their way out of the country and seek freedom, right?



But that’s in Europe, not America so it can’t happen here, right? Well, not so fast:


SB3341 Engrossed LRB097 17671 JLS 62882 b
1     AN ACT concerning business.
2     Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois,
3 represented in the General Assembly:
4     Section 1. Short title. This Act may be cited as the
5 Precious Metal Purchasing Act.
6     Section 5. Definitions. As used in this Act:
7     "Precious metal" means any item containing, in whole or in
8 part, gold or silver or any alloy of gold or silver.
9     "Proof of ownership" includes a bill of sale, an affidavit
10 of ownership, or other credible evidence showing that the
11 person possessing the precious metal is the lawful owner.
12     Section 10. Requirements applicable to the sale of precious
13 metal.
14     (a) A person who is in the business of purchasing precious
15 metal, before purchasing an item containing precious metal from
16 the same person exceeding $250 in value regardless of form or
17 quantity shall:
18         (1) obtain from that person:
19             (A) proof of ownership for the precious metal; and
20             (B) a record that contains:
21                 (i) the name, address, and telephone number of
22             the person or the person's authorized
SB3341 Engrossed – 2 – LRB097 17671 JLS 62882 b
1             representative;
2                 (ii) a description of the item containing the
3             precious metal, including the number of items to be
4             sold; and
5                 (iii) the date of the transaction; and
6         (2) verify the identity of the individual selling the
7     precious metal or representing the seller from a driver's
8     license or other government-issued identification card
9     that includes the individual's photograph and record the
10     verification.
11     (b) A person who is in the business of purchasing precious
12 metal shall:
13         (1) not pay for the purchase of precious metal with
14     cash; and
15         (2) for each transaction in which the person purchases
16     one or more items of precious metal, record the method of
17     payment used to purchase the precious metal.
18     (c) A person who is in the business of purchasing precious
19 metal shall provide a copy of the information required to be
20 obtained under subdivision (a)(1)(B) of this Section to the
21 parties as specified in this subsection. The copy shall be
22 delivered before the hour of 12 o'clock noon the day after any
23 day the person conducts business and shall contain the
24 information acquired by the person the immediately preceding
25 day the person conducted business. A person who is in the
26 business of purchasing precious metal in a county with fewer


The excerpt above is from Illinois Precious Metals Purchasing Act, SB3341 which passed the Illinois Senate according to as of March 28, 2012:


Why the need for registration? First off, as written in these pages in the past, future inferred capital games (aka, “Imputed Taxation“) so capital gains taxes can be collected on increases in price for gold and silver on owners to increase state coffers. Secondly, it provides a database should Executive Order 6102 be implemented again allowing for easy collection of precious metals from owners should the economic or political situation become that dire once again. Illinois is setting the standard for other states and the Federal Government to follow and if passed and enacted the world will watch, some of us in horror, as the program begins and how it is enforced.

gold-bars.jpg EXECUTIVE_ORDER_6102jgfla

I remind everyone of these warnings one more time because without personal protection or firearms, without the ability to communicate with and obtain information from various sources, and to have a back up plan of financial freedom via gold and silver any protection plan or survival strategy is null and void immediately.


I can not stress enough that the situation is extremely dire considering the action of the United States Senate and the 16 traitors from the Republican Party who chose personal gain and fame over the United States Constitution. It is only a matter of time once they get away with registering guns in preparation for confiscation that every item in one’s preparation arsenal to deny anyone the ability to survive independently will face a similar fate. Obtain your supplies now, especially gold and silver, before the system collapses not just economically but on the freedoms so many have taken for granted for so long.


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