A Philosophical Question about the Proverbial Line in the Sand


by John Galt
April 12, 2013 09:01 EDT

The following is a simple question following up to a conversation that a certain nationally famous talk show host has spoken about yet the one question he can not answer is the most important one.

Under the scenario he painted, using the teachings of Jesus, Gandhi, and Martin Luther King, when and if the authorities from the state come to  one’s home and demand that firearms are turned in, the individual is to resist peacefully, get arrested, and allow law enforcement to do their job offering only peaceful resistance. Theoretically if America was not in the period of time as a police state that is fine and dandy to gamble on the courts to uphold one’s rights under the Constitution even if it means the guns are confiscated by the state.

However, what if that one line in the sand that almost every father and mother I know is crossed one week later. What does one defend their home with when the authorities or criminals arrive at the front door again  with whatever state department of child services to remove or kidnap one’s children from the household because the parents are deemed unfit due to their radical views and resistance displayed the previous week?

My answer differs from the host but I enjoy hearing other individual perspectives as everyone is different as the first week would probably be my last. I love Jesus, Gandhi, and MLK, but give me General George S. Patton when it comes to defining a line in the sand to defend the United States Constitution.




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  1. Reeseg45 | 12/04/2013 at 09:41 |

    I know the host. And I bet the jews peacefully gave up their guns in germany. Then they peacefully got on the trains. And then peacefully died

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