How Central Banksters Crash Gold Prices in 2 Days or Less


by John Galt
April 14, 2013 23:00 EDT

If anyone thinks the world’s central banksters are not aware of the flight to physical precious metals, the following two charts from tonight, one from NetDania and one from Kitco should dispel that myth:




Double ouch. However for those holding physical gold, not paper, this should be viewed for what it is, a final chance to buy insurance before all hell breaks loose. We are one nuclear missile flying over Tokyo from North Korea or one more stupid move by the Iranians away from gold breaking above $4000 per ounce in less than 48 hours of trading worldwide.

Care to gamble on $1000 gold or someone, somewhere, doing something stupid? Just look to D.C. and Wall Street if there is any doubt that insanity is the rule of markets worldwide these days….

2 Comments on "How Central Banksters Crash Gold Prices in 2 Days or Less"

  1. jrceo123 | 15/04/2013 at 00:19 |

    Mr.Galt, are you going to write more on this topic? It ends at days…. where is the rest of the article? thanks

    • It was meant to end there. It’s a short piece observing the charts and the power of the G-8 central bankster cabal. That’s all.

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