Sadness about the Victims, Sadness about what is Next

  by John Galt April 15, 2013 17:30 EDT I pray for the victims of this terrorist act in Boston and our nation as the details of this heinous act come to light. However, I must sadly state that I fear more about what our government will do in reaction to this terror attack, than the consequences of an Islamofacist terrorist acting against me or my family at this point in my life. Nothing but sadness befalls me that I must think in such a manner. Pray.

4/15 Korean News Alert: North Korea threatens to Blitz South with Military Attack

  by John Galt April 15, 2013 16:30 EDT From Yonhap News in South Korea:   In ‘ultimatum,’ N. Korea vows blitz attack on S. Korea By Lee Chi-dong   SEOUL/WASHINGTON, April 16 (Yonhap) — North Korea’s military on Tuesday issued an “ultimatum” saying it would launch retaliation against South Korea without warning if “anti-North Korean” activities continue in the South.   “The supreme command of the Korean People’s Army Tuesday issued an ultimatum to the South Korean puppet group,” Pyongyang’s official news agency, KCNA, said in an English-version article.  …

The Upcoming Stock Market Crash brought to you by Gold

  by John Galt April 15, 2013 05:50 EDT The bloodbath in precious metals and base metals continues this morning with gold down over $100 per oz. at one point in electronic trading in New York: (charts from FinViz.com) While many crazed souls in the precious metals community will act like a chicken with their head cut off, I simply remind everyone of what gold and silver predicted in the spring of 2008: (charts from StockCharts.com) The chart above demonstrates first a correction which was a normal 20% decline then a…

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