How Far America has Fallen: Looting, Exploitation after the Boston Terrorist Attack


by John Galt
April 16, 2013 17:30 EDT

How far has America fallen morally? Check out this headline from Yahoo News this afternoon:

Looting appears to be seen in wake of Boston Marathon blasts

While some of the people in the video appear to be individuals getting thermal blankets possibly for injured spectators, there are definitely indications that others appear to be looting the jackets meant for those who actually completed the race. From the article linked above by Dylan Stableford:

Video footage purportedly shot in the moments after the two blasts shows people taking official marathon jackets from a tent vacated by race staffers.

“Looters stealing marathon jackets,” a YouTube user who posted the footage wrote, “while others are just feet away critically injured.”

It’s unclear if those seen picking up the jackets, meant for finishers of the race, were aware of what had transpired minutes earlier.

It is clear, however, that some people took more than one.

This is not just sad, but disgusting and unfortunately totally expected considering the horrid state of morality in our society today. There is hardly anyone paying attention to the infanticide case in Philadelphia where an abortion doctor tortured and killed newborn infants so to say Americans, citizens of the wealthiest nation in modern history, would stoop to this level is now typical.

Watch the video below from the YouTube user L-Z-H and decide for yourself:



Sadly, it is not just thugs and looters in Boston exploiting this situation. It’s the thugs and looters in Washington, D.C. engaged in their usual abuse of the 2nd and 4th Amendment rights joining in the chorus of disgust:

GOP Rep. Peter King On Boston Bombing: “We Need More Cameras”

Seriously you fat slob? We have perverts wearing TSA uniforms groping 4 year old boys and girls in the crotch wearing dirty latex gloves and you think we need more cameras to watch a society which despises the Roman representation you present. What’s next Mr. King? Ovens for disobedience? Electric shock therapy for those who refuse to take a tracking chip in their forehead?

It gets even worse:

Boston Marathon Bombing: Congress reacts, Dems talk sequester

On one hand we have a Republican Congressman decrying for a need to cancel out more 4th Amendment freedoms and the moron Democrats saying we need more money to deprive you of your freedoms guaranteed under the Bill of Rights! Representative Steny-Hoyer (D-MD), you can go to hell also with Mr. King.

But it gets even worse:

Reid Ready to Rush Gun Control Vote?

That’s right. Dirty Harry Reid is preparing to rush this vote to exploit the Boston terrorist act to shove gun control restrictions down our throat and pressure the House of Representatives to follow suit as if this has anything to do with a bomb exploding in a public place.

We are truly a nation fading into history with no moral compass, a disrespectful disregard for our fellow man, and disdain for the hard work our Founding Fathers put into the brilliance of our Constitution. We deserve the fate we are now going to receive.


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