Boston is Not Benghazi


by John Galt
April 17, 2013 16:59 EDT

The call against the incompetent and America’s evil regime is starting to be repeated over and over across the internet:

Boston is NOT Benghazi.

There is so much truth behind this statement that despite the protestations of the left and the desperate desire to find any conservative, patriot, or Constitutional movement to tie the Boston attack to, regardless of guilt or evidence. Bad news for the Democrats and the administration though; the majority of Patriots left Massachusetts when the Democratic Party machine took over and decided to ignore the rule of law and allow unions and thugs to destroy that once beautiful state.

The idea that this attack on American soil can be stalled, edited to meet political correctness standards, then reintroduced to the American people as the “facts” will not wash as there are dead and maimed Americans along with foreigners as a result of this heinous act. The assassination of Ambassador J. Christian Stevens in Benghazi was successfully buried due to his CIA ties and the obedient lap dogs complicit within the alleged “free press” of the United States. A murder abroad of an American citizen is a one week headline while a bombing attack on our homeland is an outrage which will force Washington into action. The political elites realize this of course, thus the terrorist attack in Boston can not be covered up. The cover provided by the attack itself is now a motive to  expand the size and scope of government even further by restricting the 2nd, 4th, and 5th Amendment rights of citizens instead of focusing on the heart of the problem:

Radical Islamist Terrorism.

The current series of threats evolving in the news with ricin threats emerging to politicians around the country, false bomb threats, and reports emerging of suspicious packages almost hourly is doing nothing to bury the story as is the selective editing used by the mainstream media to cover their errors and political statements trying to hide their desire for the guilty party to be some white guy with a chip on his shoulder. The problem this time is that the world must be convinced that we did not see what everyone has viewed millions of times by now, live as the event happened or via recordings on television and the internet.

This brings into question the typical Obama strategy to stall the investigation and infer that they had no data or intelligence of a possible attack occurring. I have attended events with large crowds since 9-11 and trust me, the cameras, SWAT teams, DHS, and bomb sniffing dogs were in Boston just like they were in Tampa and other major cities for huge crowds during celebrations, parades, or festivals where hundreds of thousands of people gather. The facts do not seem to match the public presentation of a plea for the public’s help when in fact they have downloaded every telephone conversation made this year, screened every email, and if they indeed are following protocol, tracked all activity by foreign nationals within our borders and have drones or cameras recording almost every movement of citizens whenever they desire.

Motive now becomes the larger question in my mind as the Obama administration faces the humiliating loss of face where his regime was unable to prevent what is now multiple terrorist attacks on American citizens on U.S. soil (Yes Mr. President, the Fort Hood ‘workplace incident’ counts) and the coddling of radical Islamists inside of the administration and abroad. This must now be the focus of everyone with an ounce of rationality left in their brains which of course excludes a large number of politicians in Washington, D.C. who are the financial beneficiaries of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and their Wahhabi friends operating without restraint inside our country.

It is only a matter of time when the American people wake up and realize that for twelve years now we have been conned by both the Bush administration and the Obama reign of lies:

There is no War on Terror, only a War on Freedom and our Constitution.

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