Obama Drops Support of anti-N. Korea Groups but Supports anti-Israeli Groups


by John Galt
April 17, 2013 18:00 EDT

Barack Obama

Increase support for his closet religion by providing billions to anti-Israeli governments and groups like the Muslim Brotherhood: CHECK!

Stop support for anti-communist groups who support freedom in South Korea: CHECK!



What in the world is ye old Galster yapping about now? First, let’s rewind to way ,way, way back on March 25, 2013 when we were all much younger and this Newsmax article:

Egyptians Angry with Obama for Backing Muslim Brotherhood’s Morsi


That’s right, over $1 billion in loans, grants, and military aid has been shipped to a nation with an avid anti-Semitic leader who supports radical Islamists that wish to kill all the Jews and destroy the democratic state of Israel. The American media in its usual fawning and adoration of America’s Fearless Leader refuses to notice that the “new” Egypt is by and large becoming a haven for revolution and arms smuggling to pro-Saudi movements around the world; pro-Saudi TERRORIST movements which foment revolution and terrorism around the world like Al Qaeda in Africa, etc.

Meanwhile in a small nation which is facing down two major enemies to peace and freedom, Communist China and Communist North Korea, the United States government under the direction of the Obama regime decided to do the following (From Yonhap News):

U.S. cuts off subsidies to anti-N. Korea groups in S. Korea

The logic behind the subsidies behind Obama’s motivations in Egypt and throughout the Middle East has been obvious since his days in the U.S. Senate. But why the approach to anti-Communist North Korean groups? From the article:


The United States has virtually stopped funding anti-North Korean civic groups in South Korea due to its financial downturn, sources here said Wednesday.

   Organizations such as the North Korea Intellectuals Solidarity (NKIS) and the North Korea Reform Radio said in a seminar in Seoul that Washington’s financial assistance for groups that support liberty and human rights has all but dried up this year.

In other words it is okay to be a radical Islamist or a Communist but not a capitalist or a group which supports a unification within a democratic political structure where freedom for all is the ultimate goal. This really speaks volume about the corruptness of the ideology at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and how far from our allies the United States has drifted.

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