Rand Paul Flip Flops on Drones

  by John Galt April 23, 2013 19:55 EDT   Just when those of us in the Libertarian camp thought we had a consistent candidate, all I can do is just sigh.   Thanks to BuzzSourse at YouTube for posting the video clip:     Sadly Dr. Paul, just because someone is running with a gun it should not be left up to the drone operator to be the executioner without due process. Your father has every right to be outraged by the comment in the video clip above.  

The Dow Jones Industrial Average Reminds me of 1936

  by John Galt April 23, 2013 05:40 EDT Unfortunately for the American public, most people do not have the asset of grandmothers or grandfathers who survived the Great Depression of the 1930’s and can remind us of what happened and how the sucker’s recovery had everyone believing things were better when in fact they were not. The mainstream media and socialist education establishment would have the average person believing that in 1935 the economic programs of Franklin Delano Roosevelt created a massive economic recovery and as the song says, “Happy…

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