Rand Paul Flip Flops on Drones


by John Galt
April 23, 2013 19:55 EDT



Just when those of us in the Libertarian camp thought we had a consistent candidate, all I can do is just sigh.


Thanks to BuzzSourse at YouTube for posting the video clip:



Sadly Dr. Paul, just because someone is running with a gun it should not be left up to the drone operator to be the executioner without due process. Your father has every right to be outraged by the comment in the video clip above.


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  1. I’ve given Rand 3 chances to won me over, and each time he only proves my first reservations that he can fill one toed sandals of his father.
    Drones have no business in our skies, and for a son of Ron Paul, a man who has fooled alot of people into believing he might be the best we have, and then to hear that son of Ron say it’s ok to evaporate a guy robbing a liquor store of $50, it just tells me God have left the building,

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