The Saudi Connection: Remember the Lessons of Watergate


by John Galt
April 30, 2013 20:00 EDT


With all of the coverage of the Saudi national on Glenn Beck’s radio show and news website TheBlaze, I thought the following information  might be a timely reminder…..

As if you did not know this, remember this scene and the words of the man known as “Deep Throat”….



A tad dramatic? Perhaps, perhaps not.

I wish for my readers to consider the actions not just of the CIA and entire United States Justice system under the control of then President Richard Nixon but to reflect on what has happened since 1989 and the ascendency of the modern American Imperial Presidency under the former CIA agent, George H.W. Bush.  I also hope that many who have derided the radio talk show host Glenn Beck and his theory would be so kind to take a step back and remember that Watergate started out in a similar fashion, unfortunately for Mr. Beck, he shot the first dud.


The stories and coverage of the alleged Saudi terrorist involved somehow in the Boston Marathon attack but now being declared persona non grata by the United States government is only the tip of a major iceberg. On today’s radio show, Glenn Beck caught up to a portion of the ice submerged below the water by quoting a Miami Herald story (“FBI report: Florida family had ties to people linked to 9/11 attacks“) as well as on TheBlaze website. The only problem is that an award winning journalist broke this story on his blog two weeks ago at the and what makes the story (Original story at this link) is that it is in my home town, less than 20 minutes from my old home,  and there is much more than what has been uncovered to come!

The FBI has been sitting on a treasure trove of information which ties the financial support system for the 9-11 hijackers to a vast network of money laundering and criminal enterprises which remain classified to this day to allegedly protect Saudi Arabian royal friends and family. In another  article from the Broward Bulldog there is a not so obvious strong hint as to the existence of this monetary tie by the actions of the family which suddenly vanished just a few weeks before the September 11th terrorist attack:

The names of individuals were redacted before the reports were made public, but are apparent because the documents describe unique, known events. The records were released in response to a specific request for information about the probe at al-Hijji’s former residence at 4224 Escondito Circle.

Agents determined the al-Hijjis “fled” their home on August 27, 2001 – two weeks before the attacks – leaving behind three cars, furniture, clothing, toys, food and other items.

Why is this important information that others outside of Sarasota may not be aware of?


So a family from Saudi Arabia allegedly in the United States for business purposes is suddenly living in a an almost half a million dollar home which had visits from the 9/11 hijackers and apparently was used to help finance the operations according to this quote from a 2011 editorial from Investor’s Business Daily (“Unanswered: What Was Saudis’ Role?“):

Their Sarasota home was owned by Esam Ghazzawi, a Saudi financier. He’d been on an FBI watch list for terror-fundraising. The FBI, however, never briefed the 9/11 Commission about his and the other Saudi occupants’ connections to the hijackers. Congress also was left in the dark about the house search.

Thus the questions have been around for years and fast forward to the events in Boston, Massachusetts and the alleged Saudi student that Glenn Beck has been focusing on; was this so-called innocent student truly an innocent bystander or did our government, as they did on 9-11-01 and afterwards initiate a course of action to cover up for the Saudi Arabian royal family and the ties this individual may have had to the terrorists responsible for the bombing?

The local history that I have seen come to light with local investigators and some old fashioned and act of professional journalism by the Broward Bulldog brings me to the point where numerous doubts about the validity of the U.S. government’s story regarding Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi and his role, if any, in the Boston Marathon bombing. While the media chases its tale desperately trying to cover for these murderers and labeling Glenn Beck’s story a “conspiracy theory” the reality is that there has been an apparent effort where Saudi nationals take up residence inside the United States as visibly active businessmen yet leading a shadow life supporting terrorist activity by providing a financial infrastructure.

The recent spurt of stories about 9-11 and my hometown and the breaking news about Alharbi forces me to provide the strongest hint of all to TheBlaze and their staff because sometimes it is so obvious the initial rush of the story causes even legitimate reporters to miss the biggest part of the story:

Just follow the money.

I’ll wager it might end up appearing in someone’s campaign donation records if they should ever be declassified and released for public viewing.


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